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If you are ready for your website then here is the news you have been looking for concerning web hosting services in Europe. The market is expanding rather quickly, and so the competition is at its peak among the best hosting Europe 2019.

Since there are many potential sellers, all claiming to be the best, the guide below has been formatted to answer some of the very fundamental questions that all look forward to while searching for the best web hosting service provider in Europe.

Top 5 European Hosting for 2019

# EU Hosting Provider Top Features Live Uptime Overall Rating Price From Link

FREE Business Email
24/7/365 Country-based expert support

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$7.99 /mo
$4.00 /mo
50% OFF


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FREE SSL Included
FREE Domain
24/7 Live Support

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$7.99 /mo
$3.95 /mo
63% OFF


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Free Domain
FREE SSL Certificate
30-day Money Back

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$7.99 /mo
$1.99 /mo
75% OFF


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24/7 Live Support
Free SSL Certificate

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$6.90 /mo
$2.75 /mo
60% OFF


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FREE Domain

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$7.99 /mo
$4.99 /mo
37% OFF


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Top European Hosting Reviews

Read the detailed review of the top-rated European hostings.

#1. GoDaddy: Very Popular in Europe


Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $4.00/mo (Regular price $7.99/mo)

Support: 24/7 (Free Support)

The last of the options to see for hosting demands, GoDaddy works with WordPress sites for the most part plus Windows hosting. The services are versatile and can handle multiple actions at a given time for extra support and protection as needed. It also offers full support for various types of hosting systems and is very easy to load up and use in many forms. Read more

#2. Bluehost: Best Optimized WordPress Hosting

SSL: FREE SSL (To every domain)

Uptime: 99.9% (Guarantee)

Cost: $3.95/mo (Special Discount)

Support: Live Chat (24/7 Support)

Bluehost is a service which offers a strong response system that analyzes and controls the traffic that comes onto a site. It helps with reviewing spam and viruses. It also works with Google Apps to help integrate various programs that may be used in the data retrieval process. Read more…

#3. iPage: Cheapest Hosting Plans in Europe ($1.99/mo)


Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $1.99/mo (Regular price $7.99/mo)

Support: 24/7 (Free Support)

iPage focuses its work primarily on offering help for smaller e-commerce sites. The host works with a system that entails application management and installation support. Daily backups and firewall protection are also available to help with protecting what is on a server.

#4. HostGator: Best WordPress Cloud Hosting

SSL: FREE SSL (To every domain)

Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $2.75/mo (60% Off)

Support: Live Chat (avg. response ~ 2min)

One of the more prominent hosting options around, HostGator uses cloud networking support to make it easier for people to load up their sites with ease. It uses a malware removal tool for added protection plus daily backups that the user can easily configure and adjust as necessary.

#5. InMotion: Great Pricing (37% OFF!)

Free: Domain (FREE domain to get you started)

Performance: Ultra fast (Hack & malware protection)

Cost: $4.99/mo (Normally $7.99/mo)

Support: 24/7365 (Live Chat, Email, Phone, Skype)

Small businesses can benefit from what Inmotion has to offer for host needs. Inmotion offers full site transfers and includes the Sucuri plugin to help review sites for spam and other commonplace threats that may come about. The protective features offered by Inmotion help to keep any site protected and safe.

Why choose to host on European servers?

  • Services at par: The service providers in Europe are trying to grab customer attention by putting forward deals and offers like never before. Services like the free 30-day trial, excellent technical assistance, regular follow-ups, etc., the customers are having a gala time with their service providers.
  • .EU benefits: Customers looking for local products and services will search for companies with.EU domain names which would seem to be more promising and dependable than a .com site thus helping to perk up ranks on the search engines, generating more traffic and high page ranks.
  • Locality: Because best web hosting Europe would be locally situated, you’ll be able to enjoy maximum uptime, quick site processing and greater consistency for the local customers.

Does visitor traffic matter?

YES. It is essential that you predict your future requirements and choose a web host that allows switching between plans and servers if the need arises. Unfortunately, free hosting service providers do not allow you this much-needed facility of switching in between. If you expect high visitor traffic, growing with every passing month, then it is suggested that you go for a dedicated server.

How to arrive at a final decision?

With so many flashy advertisements, hot deals and offers on board and eye-catchy colours add to the confusion. It is essential that you look beyond these and do not fall victim to fraudulent hosting service providers.

Make sure to go through some of the customer feedback forums, review sites and other relevant and similar platforms to know more about best web hosting Europe and collect enough information about each one of them.  This will help you cut down your feasible options and also to choose the plan as per your requirements. You may decide to have a word with experts on such platforms.

In the End

The task of hiring services of a web host is not as difficult as it looks to be; some research and patience will help you land in safe hands. All you need to do is to keep your eyes open and check which provider is promising what. Once you can understand your specific hosting requirements and the difference between the three top kinds of servers, the road to the web hosting service provider will turn less shaky.

Good Luck!


  • Gaurav upadhyay says:

    If you want want to make your own website and want to promote it, then you have to know “What is hosting?”
    and “How it’s work?”

  • Frank Garry says:

    I must say this is a genuine list and the author has worked hard to find the right options I have chosen bluehost for myself. Thanks.

  • Parth Srivastava says:

    Well now a days if we need to run a business or a service providing platform on our local area or in a brod area. Then it’s must that we need a proper web presence (website). When it comes to web site there are huge number of web service providing companies. And different different hosting platforms all of them have a good deal but. Before starting a website we need to know few things the website should b capable enough to get as much traffic as it can, the website should be versatile for digital marketing.
    Many of the company r providing cheap hosting and these hostings are not much capable for us to promote our website.
    So as i seen all the service provider above in which few are my favorite and Europe is really emerging as idol hub of website hosting service provider…..
    Till a long time web services was a very challenging part. And there were tons of service providers in this field. And we as a client was a bit helpless to choose among so many options and it was expensive too. But as now after going though the info above I think it’s very easy now all we have to do is to find a good and genuine service provider and now finding them is extremely easy…
    Today the customer care service is also improved a lot and they are resolving issues in a short period of time. The security of the websites is also a big issue but it also have been reserved so according to me it’s a great time to start with websites …

  • Anushka says:

    Best site I have ever seen with easy process and i was not aware about hosting but when I saw divergent features I felt glad….it contains accurate information….thanks for making things such easy….

  • Kritesh Diwakar says:

    It was really an whizzing experience for me to be on this site.The information which is provided here is up to the mark and that too in simple language which is icing on the cake i don’t know how time flied and i spent an hour with an ease of access.
    The hosting has always been a terrifying term for me before i went through this site,i must mention one thing that given content has provided me a new range of vision about HOSTING with colourful ideas which has changed the definition of this term.In addition it seems like a child’s play to bring the words in action.Also,the world has always been cruel to the pious souls i wish that the almighty always bless with his best to all you guys.Further, I’d be glad to share this handpicked info with my knowns.Thanks a lot from the bottom core of my heart for this obligation by making such a useful website which has reduced our efforts.Let the whole world be the spectator of the beginning of this new era.

  • Anuj Rana says:

    Microsoft Office 365 Business support from GoDaddy seemed like a great idea, but the setup in general is extremely complicated and hard to figure out. It is very hard for me to get my files transferred, and sometimes it takes a while for me to get my site to load. But at the same time, it has been very easy for me to get a domain ready. It seems like GoDaddy should stick with domain registration because their hosting system is too flawed. At least the service is rather cheap and keeps my site online even if it gets to be really slow.

  • Mark twian says:

    Customer service department at eUKHost is much better than anything else I had dealt with from other costs. The people at eUKHost fully understood what my problem with the system was at the time and walked me through a full solution for getting the issue fixed up. This was especially important for me because I want to keep on using the stuff that eUKHost keeps on offering. The great SSD storage system keeps things loading fast. I’m not sure what makes an Intel Xeon processor fast, but one thing’s for certain in that my site is running faster with eUKHost than it was with anything else I had been using in the past.

  • Anit singh says:

    I don’t know what the deal is, but HostMonster has not been working anywhere near as well as it used to be for me. HostMonster has been taking a lot longer to load recently and has experienced downtime issues here and there. These are frustrating parts that are making it harder for me to stay online. I’m also unhappy with how I have to pay extra just to get a backup ready. The customer service department is also extremely frustrating. I had to wait for nearly an hour just to get in touch with someone for four minutes to figure out what the problem with something was.

  • Cully says:

    I would like to add another web hosting provider (TEMOK) who are also providing top notch European based web hosting services. They are offering more than one European datacenter options. They options they are offering include Netherlands, Russia, France and Italy.

  • Saurabh tandon says:

    The shopping cart setup used by Fatcow is very easy to use. I love how the Fatcow cart lets me customize it and manage the payment options I want to work with. The fact that it was free especially helped me with keeping my site up while being easy to read. I also like how Fatcow offers a good email server. It was surprising at first to see that I had to pay extra to get the malware and virus protection system to work for me, but even that is still pretty effective. I am very satisfied with how simple and uncomplicated Fatcow is in general.

  • Ann says:

    The host with which I haven’t had almost any problems so far is BGOcloud. It’s located in Europe and the speed that it provides is probably the best that I’ve experienced. Their plans are quite affordable and they include really cool features like SSD storage, backups, daily support and other.

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