Best Cloud Hosting Providers 2024

Cloud Hosting, also known as Cloud Computing, was coined around 1950 when the mainframe computers came into use in academics and various corporations. Simplifying further, one can say that cloud hosting removes the limitations of a physical server’s power and space by replacing it with a virtual cluster of servers. By using cloud hosting, use of hardware becomes minimal and at times even invisible. Best Cloud Hosting providers make available cloud computing technology to the users.Many are still in a fix about what does cloud hosting is all about? Everyone is well versed in the old and regular web hosting concepts but cloud hosting is still a hazy picture in everyone’s mind. Could Hosting is provided by linking numerous servers that encompass a cloud, in place of a solo server. Security and issues with full control of data are the most commonly cited issues with cloud hosting. Although there are major glitches with cloud hosting, the benefits can’t be ignored which includes:

  • Increased reliability and accessibility
  • Picture perfect scalability.
  • Cost-effectiveness.

Go through the Amazing list of cloud hosting service providers. Compare and choose the best cloud server for your sites.

Cloud Hosting Providers – Affordable & high-quality options
Discover top cloud hosting services based on user reviews
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Free Domain + 2 Months Free


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Fast reliable hosting


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A2 Hosting
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Best cloud hosting providers based on user reviews

#1. Cloudways: Best Managed Cloud Hosting

Free: Free SSL with free migration

Performance: Excellent (SSD-based hosting, very good cache plugin, Cloudways CDN)

Cost: $10/mo (Plans are very flexible)

Support: Good (Wait time can be little longer)

Cloudways is a platform that offers simplicity. Their mission is to empower people so they can move forward with their dreams. They are innovative at heart, and believe the customer always comes first. Cloudways offers round the clock customer support. Online, they have a comprehensive knowledge base that showcases everything you could need help with. Within the knowledge base, they offer a wide variety of guides that give step by step instructions to minimize any confusion.

Products that Cloudways offer include WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting, Prestashop hosting, PHP hosting, Drupal hosting, and Magento hosting. They also provide Woo Commerce hosting and many add ons, such as application management and Rackspace email hosting. Other features include free SSL certificate, free migration, pay as you go, and transparent pricing.

Pricing starts at just $10 per month.

Visit Cloudways

#2. Bluehost: 4.7 / 5.0 Rating

Free: Domain 1 year with one dedicated IP

Uptime: 99.9% (Guarantee)

Cost: $19.99/mo (normally $29.99) 30-days money back guarantee

Support: Good but need to improve the response time

One of the largest hosting companies around is Bluehost, which powers over 2 million worldwide websites. It was founded in 2003 by Matt Heaston and Danny Ashworth. They continue to update their mission to empower people on the web. They have a team of over 750 staff that will support 24 hours per day and are based in Orem, Utah.

Support is offered 24/7 with a knowledge base that offers walkthrough guides and articles on a variety of topics. They provide extensive tools that enhance a customer’s ability to build an amazing online presence. Bluehost has the best in class solutions that are proven to meet what every customer is looking for.

A free SSL certificate is included with their affordable pricing options.

Visit Bluehost

Why Think About Cloud Hosting?

One should go for the providers listed in best Cloud Hosting because of the reasons listed below.

  • Simplicity: The cloud server launches in within one minute thus reducing the uptime. It also avoids set-ups at every step thus making it much simpler for the esteemed users.
  • Affordable: In cloud hosting, the charges are made upon the use of the resources by the people. The hosting budget can be controlled to some extent by the user.
  • Reliable: Cloud Hosting is much more reliable than shared hosting because here the issues with one account do not spread to the other sites unlike in the case of same physical servers. This type of hosting isolates each server thus reducing the stress upon servers so that they don’t hamper with each other’s performance.
  • Customization: Cloud hosting lets you customize the server and add various useful gimmicks so that the server presents you the data in the best possible manner.
  • Security: Security is in terms of the hardware failure. As there is no visible hardware, therefore, the problem of hard crashing and system failure is out of sight and thus securing the data more effectively.

What points to keep in mind while choosing amongst top cloud hosting?

The points listed below should be kept in mind for choosing from 10 best Cloud Hosting service providers:

  • Price
  • Customer/Technical Support
  • Area of specialty
  • Features provided
  • User Interface

Above are the points to think of when you are selecting from the list of top Cloud Hosting service providers. It should be kept in mind that the concept of cloud hosting is new and it is gaining pace among its users day by day. It is an innovative way of web hosting. The popularity of cloud hosting can be attributed to its use in marketing to sell hosting services. The service providers listed in best Cloud Hosting are the ones that have been listed based on various surveys, expert opinions, and reviews of various websites.

What Constitutes as a Best Cloud Hosting Provider?

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

The best cloud hosting service provider must meet certain criteria.

Overall security of the cloud host provider should be looked at before determining which cloud host provider to use. One should make sure anti-virus and security policies are in place. There should be a secure login, as well as hardware-based firewalls. The best cloud hosting provider will also have up to date software upgrades. Performance and website speed are also an aspect that needs to be looked at when deciding what constitutes as the best cloud hosting service provider. Caching techniques can improve website speed by up to 100 times. Advanced storage architectures will also improve performance.

Another factor is the data center capabilities. One should always validate the presence of the center on Google maps. It is a good idea to verify if they have HVAC setup, along with what kinds of disaster measures they have in place. One should also look at support for hosting migration. The best cloud hosting provider will offer exceptional support as a lot of issues may arise at this time. The best cloud hosting provider will offer exceptional customer service 24 hours per day, every single day of the year. They offer a variety of ways to get in touch with them through the help desk, email, phone, and online chat.

WordPress Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting for WordPress is designed naturally with WordPress in mind. It is a wonderful option for WordPress site owners who like reliability. There are many providers that have Cloud hosting for WordPress. These hosting providers have seen that many top brands use WordPress when they are creating websites.

Cloud hosting for WordPress has little chance of downtime. Many times, there is a guarantee of 99% or more. When looking for WordPress Cloud hosting options, one should look at how flexible it is to scale their site.

Infrastructure should also be an aspect that is looked at when deciding which Cloud hosting provider to go with for WordPress. Consider where the data center and servers are located at. You should also consider if there is on-site security at the center.

Price also comes into play when looking into a WordPress Cloud hosting provider. Comprehensive plans are offered by many of the companies with different pricing plans. Speed is a factor that many looks at when deciding which Cloud hosting for WordPress option to go with. Cloud hosting can have faster loading times.

And with faster loading times, there is a greater chance that the site will be able to handle more visitors to the site.

Cloud Hosting Using a cPanel

Cloud hosting with a cPanel has many advantages. A cloud hosting with a cPanel can provide a user with direct access to their dedicated server. Users will be able to physically control the server. They can reboot the system from a remote location after completely shutting it down. And when using cloud hosting using a cPanel, users can decide what operating system they want to use.

Those using cloud hosting with a cPanel can see faster speeds. Dedicated space and dedicated IP are used. Instant changes are processed right away as the cPanel is linked directly to the virtual machine. Monitoring performance will also be easy using cloud hosting with a cPanel. Usage of RAM, processing power and hard discs can be checked at any time.

Users will have the power to increase the capacity of the system if they need to. This can be done with just a few simple clicks. Easy installation is a huge perk of cloud hosting with a cPanel. The software is often installed with only a few clicks. Using a cPanel can offer many useful tools to help manage the site you have.

These tools can help manage databases, organize folders and files, track your site’s performance, and so much more!

Pros of Cloud Hosting

The benefits of cloud hosting are tremendous.

Cloud hosting has a better uptime. Many hosts will promise an uptime of 99.9%. How can they offer an uptime this high? Cloud hosting was designed to be self-healing. Servers that encounter issues are automatically compensated for, allowing an uptime this high.

Another benefit of cloud hosting is that they have better performance than other types of hosting. Multiple servers are working together to provide a better experience. Load balancing is implemented, making sure that enough resources are provided when and where they are needed.

Cloud hosting also has lower costs when compared to maintaining a personal server. You pay as you go, which is a simple solution to many businesses. A great benefit of cloud hosting is backup and disaster recovery. Data backups are automatically generated. Losing data is very unlikely to happen when cloud hosting is used.

Cloud hosting is very flexible. Cloud hosting has proved to be easy to scale up. Businesses that have growing bandwidth demands will find that using cloud hosting is an ideal solution for them. Cloud hosting makes it possible to work from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. With mobile apps, it makes it possible to work from all devices.

In the End

As you can see, cloud hosting is quite a popular option for many. It is simple and affordable, with great security.

All of our top ten cloud hosting providers meet criteria that we look for when picking a cloud hosting provider.

If you have used any of the top ten cloud hosting providers, please feel free to share your experiences below.

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