Best VPS Hosting Providers 2024

A Virtual Private Server is a “scaled-down” version of a stand-alone dedicated server. Instead of a single hosting account being housed on the server, a VPS system allows many different accounts to exist on a single dedicated server simultaneously. Below, we’ll review the best VPS Hosting Providers in a convenient list you can browse.VPS is a lot more affordable than dedicated servers and is a step above shared web hosting regarding privacy and permission allowances. A VPS gives you all the features of a dedicated server without a high price tag.

Top VPS Hosting Providers
Best VPS hosting deals for your website.
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Free Domain + 2 Months Free


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Fast reliable hosting


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A2 Hosting
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Cheap VPS Hosting

If you’re new to VPS hosting, it helps to know what to look for. First off, you want to ensure that the data center you’re purchasing hosting from is well equipped. , the data center should operate according to Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 requirements, as well as be in full compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOC standards. Co-location data centers are great but may prove to be too much of a costly include for the average website or online business.

Free VPS Hosting

Free VPS hosting can help familiarize you with VPS hosting in general. Keep in mind that a free VPS host will have limits on bandwidth and data storage, and probably won’t be adequate to satisfy your needs. Also, free VPS hosting isn’t nearly as robust and full-featured as paid VPS hosting. But, in the short term, free VPS hosting works excellently as a training tool to help “get your feet wet.”

Stop and think for a moment. Are there any ways you can think of to use a free VPS host to help yourself? Such as training yourself to work with VPS hosting in general, so it becomes an easy process?

Low-Cost VPS Hosting

Once you’ve established that the datacenter/host you’re considering is good enough, the next step is to evaluate the pricing. Is the VPS host you’re considering able to provide you with the features/options you need at a price you can afford? If so, you can move on to the next step, which is testing them out. Test the new VPS host out, and make sure they provide you with rock-solid uptime and website access for your visitors.

Also, be sure to explore everything your new VPS host has to offer. There might be something you miss while you’re still a new customer that ends up serving you well later on.

Best Managed VPS Hosting

Managed VPS hosting, while more expensive than manual style VPS hosting, can provide you with many customers comforts you can’t get otherwise. For instance, many of the tasks that would normally be left for you to complete are automatically handled by the management team of the VPS host.

So, is a managed VPS a good deal? If you’re not an expert on software related, resource-related, or performance-related issues, then yes. If you wind up having problems with your server in an unmanaged setting, whatever it is, you’re totally on your own to fix it!

And even if you are tech-savvy, and you could manage a VPS on your own, it’s not always best too. The amount of time a managed VPS can save you is pretty substantial. For example, a company executive who doesn’t want to trust his employees in system management duties would do very well with managed hosting. Why? Because his time is worth far more than the small cost involved with using a managed VPS.

VPS Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting

People often ask “What’s the difference between VPS and cloud hosting?” The main difference is that a VPS is hosted on a single dedicated machine, through virtualized account software. Cloud hosting uses multiple machines, all strung together. The machines work together to deliver resources according to supply and demand.

Another key difference is availability. In a Virtual Private Server (VPS) setting, if the dedicated machine the VPS is running on goes down, your VPS hosting will go down as well. But on a cloud server, if one machine fails, the resource requirement is automatically rerouted to the other machines on the network.

Regarding cost, cloud hosting and VPS hosting are often priced quite similarly. Which one to choose is most often a decision based on need requirements, and doesn’t come down to cost difference (because there isn’t one).

Cloud hosting technology is still relatively new. Cloud hosting only very recently became a mainstream option that everyone is free to take advantage of. And it does “pull its own weight” regarding overall value and performance. With many cloud computers working together at the same time, scaling up and down to deliver resources precisely, there’s nearly zero waste generated!

This is very much unlike dedicated server machines, which often sit idle for extended periods. They provide a level of hardware security you can’t find in virtualized technologies like Cloud and VPS, but thankfully, software technology is quickly closing the gap between hardware security waste and software ability. Soon, software-based solutions will allow us to host and deliver website content with zero wasted resources.

Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS hosting provides you with a completely different feature set and ability structure than Windows server environments. Most experts agree that Linux has earned its place in the hosting world regarding value and performance.

There are many things you can do with a Linux server that you simply can’t do with Windows. Like, run programs that would easily crush a Windows-based server, or stay free of viruses and malware attacks.

Linux is well known for its rock-solid performance and reliability, and its open-source design is free to use. Open source means that Linux can support whatever custom applications developers create. This saves time, money, and frustration by giving programmers the freedom they need to customize their Linux distro to the fullest.

Linux is also constantly being updated with brand new releases and OS versions. The success of Linux as the only OS in the world with such an immense number of custom distro solutions is well known.

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows is the operating system of choice for mainstream businesses. More online businesses choose Windows for their VPS hosting needs than any other server in existence. And for a good reason! Millions of dollars have gone into the development and release of Windows Server technology. And with up-to-the-minute updates and full customer support from Microsoft, it’s a win-win you shouldn’t pass up!

Online businesses have experienced tremendous growth over the last five years. And E-commerce is set to reach a record-breaking high of 4.5 trillion dollars in sales by 2024. That’s nearly a three-fold increase since 2014!

Check out how Windows VPS hosting can save you money, and set you free of costly hosting packages that come with features, bandwidth, and storage you don’t need! The beauty of Windows VPS hosting is virtualization technology, which allows for multiple accounts (and account holders) on a single dedicated server.

VPS Hosting Features

Learning about what features VPS hosting comes with will help a lot when deciding which host to go with. For example, shared hosting can’t provide you with root or administration access privileges.

But with VPS hosting, you’re welcomed into a wide range of brand new, exciting features you can use to your advantage, including Root access/administration privileges, dedicated web/mail/FTP/database, independent reboot, total isolation from other VPS accounts, freedom to install custom applications and software, unlimited domains, and a similar level of performance as you see is stand-alone dedicated servers.

VPS is the way to go if you need the functionality of a dedicated server, but don’t need the huge amount of resources they can provide. A VPS is a slice/portion of a dedicated server, and through virtualization technology, it’s made into a dedicated server that hosts multiple accounts all at once.

The hardware resources in a VPS machine can only be used to serve the accounts on the machine itself. This is an entirely different animal than shared hosting, where there’s less webmaster freedom and a more controlled hosting environment overall.

VPS is much more private than shared hosting, and you may find that you prefer VPS over other forms of web hosting entirely. Many agree that the extra cost of a VPS account is worth the high performance includes it provides.

VPS Hosting Pros and Cons


  • A step up from shared hosting
  • Freedom to customize, create, and install
  • Much less room for errors (smoother form of hosting)


  • Less powerful than a dedicated server
  • No redundancy (if your VPS server machine fails, you’re out of luck)
  • More costly than shared hosting

Compare VPS Hosting

Best VPS Hosting Providers

Comparing VPS hosting is a pretty easy process. Most VPS hosts (including the ones listed in this review) have the features displayed proudly on the front page of their website. You simply make a list of the features you need and compare them to what the host is offering.

Once you’ve got a list of hosts you’re considering (with the features you need and the price you want) compiled, the next step is to speak with a customer service rep/tech that can answer any specific questions you have about your needs as a customer. For example, you may want to install a decentralized Ethereum-based application that needs root access privileges to make changes to when you’re not there. Ensuring that your remote machine is allowed automatic login access (with your explicit permissions granted to the machine, of course) is crucial.

If you’re unable to find out if the host you’re considering will support your actual needs, and the host fails you regarding compatibility/feature availability, your hosting purchase will have been for nothing. Take the time to ensure you’re getting the VPS hosting package you want and need BEFORE committing to purchasing it.

VPS Hosting Reviews

We’re providing our top 10 VPS list according to available features, price, customer service, uptime, usage stats, datacenter provisions, customer feedback, and more. Just because a VPS host says they’re a good deal, that doesn’t make it true. So, we did the hard work of researching and finding the great ones, and listed them here for your convenience!

And we’re happy to help you in your quest to find the best VPS host! Knowing how VPS hosting works will give you an advantage over competing businesses falling behind.

VPS Hosting – Read More Details

Virtual Private Servers are also known and as VPS among the users. It is practically a virtual machine that provides service to the customers through any internet hosting service provider. If we go into technicalities, then it is clear that virtual private servers operate on their own operating systems and give exclusive usage rights to the customer. Virtual Private Servers provide you with the option of choosing the best service provider available.

These are practically more of software-oriented services rather than being physical server-oriented. But many of the virtual private servers have a standard physical server. This case sometimes reduces the performance in the case of heavy bulk traffic websites. But if you possess small or medium business requirements, then these are the best services which are available for you in the market at the moment. The list of the Virtual Private Servers narrows down the broad spectrum of services for you.

What are the unique features of Best Virtual Private Servers?

If your requirements are not very high and you possess a small or medium business, then the exclusive features of Virtual Private Servers will fascinate you. Some of the unique features provided by Virtual Private Servers are as follows:

  • Hardware Hassle: There is no type of any hardware issue as there is no hardware used in procuring the services. It’s all software.
  • Usage Rights: Since the Virtual Private Server has its operating system. Therefore, it provides its customer with exclusive user rights which give him or her high level of access to the system.
  • Up-to-date: Since it is software-oriented therefore keeping the server up-to-date is a straightforward task. It is just a few clicks away and does not take much of user’s time.
  • Virtual Machinery: Whole of the Virtual Private Server is based on the concept of the virtual machine as there is no actual machine functioning on the server.

The list provided in the best Virtual Private Servers offers all the above-stated features and much more.

How to choose from 10 best VPS Hosting?

The list of 10 best Virtual Private Servers has been generated after going through a lot of many surveys, opinions, and points of view. And the list which is made includes the best of the service providers providing with Private Virtual Server services. Following tips might turn out to be handy in choosing the desired Private Virtual Server provider-

    • Clarity: The first and foremost thing required to select from a list is to have clarity of thoughts that whether you want to go for this service or not.
    • Requirements: The second and the most eminent of the points are your total requirements. Pen down the actual condition of yours and then compare with your choice of service provider.
    • Usage rights: This is again a critical aspect while choosing the Private Virtual Server. Usage rights are essential because it is software oriented service hence procuring the maximum usage right is imperative.
    • Budget: Last but not the least is your budget. Cross check all the services whether they fall well within your budget or not. If not then best Virtual Private Servers have the top services providers which will satisfy your needs and requirements.

What makes VPS Hosting best?

Some most features of VPS Hosting make it one of the best web host. These features include:

  1. Root access
  2. Secure and safe
  3. Dedicated space provision
  4. Maximum Uptime
  5. No need to share resources

Why should you go for VPS?

VPS can offer more than a few rewards to end-users who can take pleasure in the best-shared internet hosting services. Besides the many reasons, you should indeed go for VPS hosting if you are making use of multiple trading plans. In general, when you open a trading platform on your home computer, you can’t access another version of that same platform, but by using a VPS, you can use one on your home PC and one on the VPS.

Top 10 VPS Hosts – Fully Customizable VPS Hosting At Rock Bottom Prices!

VPS hosting is one of the best options out there regarding the overall value. They’re the best “bang for your buck” if you don’t have huge requirements. And if you don’t need the “firepower” of a true dedicated server, then why pay for one? Virtual Private Servers provide all the same features of dedicated servers, and they cost a lot less!

With a VPS, you get full customization ability, along with your choice of bandwidth and disk storage limits. But be sure to check out each VPS host in detail, because many come with unique feature sets, like built-in shopping carts, MySQL database support, etc. So do the research on any VPS you’re considering, and make sure it comes with all the includes you need. You’ll be happy you did.

Best VPS Hosting Canada

Canada shines brightly as one of the most active Internet centers in the world. They’ve got hosting packages at highly affordable prices, with nearly the same connectivity speeds, data storage, and uptime guarantees as for the USA. Come, check out what Canada has to offer for your next VPS project, and be on the lookout for special deals on multi-month and yearly hosting packages. There’s may also be other deals and promotional pricing that can help.

Best VPS Hosting US

The United States has some of the best connectivity in the world when it comes to VPS hosting. You can count on strategically located, 24/7 uptime data centers, perfect to house your next website or online project.

VPS hosting is the best of both worlds, providing dedicated server resources with none of the hassles! And the price is something most can afford. Simply select the VPS hosting plan that’s right for you, and you’re on your way!

Best VPS Hosting UK

When shopping for a VPS host, be sure to choose one that has the options you need, as many VPS hosts come with specific feature sets to suit their clientele. Meaning, you may want your UK VPS hosting package to come with a dedicated IP, 60 gigabyte SSD, and 3TB of traffic allowance, but not all hosts will offer this combination. You have to shop around and decide which host has the best features for the money, and which one fits your needs best personally.

Best VPS Hosting Australia

It helps to be familiar with Australian currency so that if you ever need to use Australian VPS services, you’ll be familiar with their currency conversion process. How Australian VPS hosting compares with other countries may surprise you. And it can help serve the needs of your customers better if you provide connectivity across multiple locations. This way, whatever backbone your customers are “pulling” your website from, they’re guaranteed fast and efficient page loading.

Best VPS Hosting Brazil

Access times and locations can mean the world regarding business productivity. Have you ever considered what high-speed VPS hosting could do for your business? Nearly half the population of Brazil has Internet access, making it the perfect location to offer high-speed VPS hosting services.

And with the latest amazing advancements in Internet technology, there’s never been a better time to secure your very own high-speed hosting. E-commerce is at an all-time high, and most businesses experience a massive surge in sales volume right away.

Best VPS Hosting India

Along with being a strong American ally, India also has a modest level of Internet connectivity. Currently, around 35% of India’s citizens have Internet access, but download speeds, when compared to developed countries, is much slower.

However, if you live in India, and you run a business, it doesn’t matter how slow your connection speed is. Businesses that have an online presence in India can easily upload their files to faster servers from around the world. Even with India’s slow connectivity, it only takes minutes to get set up with an E-commerce site.

Best VPS Hosting Pakistan

Pakistan is home to more than 180 million people. But only 19% of these are Internet users, which isn’t a very encouraging statistic regarding Internet usage. However, the ability of Pakistani people to make full use of Internet connectivity has the power to change people’s lives for the better.

If you live in Pakistan, and you want to experience the benefits of VPS hosting, there’s a VPS hosting package you can find that’s right for you. Simply make a list of what features you need, and then find the host offering it.

Best VPS Hosting Indonesia

Internet options in Indonesia include fiber optic, ADSL, and mobile Internet. There are over 17,000 islands in Indonesia and 137 million Internet users! Over half the population is connected to the Internet! So when it comes to VPS hosting, Indonesia has you covered!

Typical VPS hosting packages start at just $13.99 per month. This is a little more expensive than premium US VPS hosting, as well as rates offered by countries like Europe and Canada. But shop around, you might be able to find a cheaper deal.

Best VPS Hosting Bangladesh

Like many other developing countries, the Internet in Bangladesh has experienced significant growth between 2009 – present. Whereas only .4 percent of the population had Internet access in 2009, that number had grown to 80.4 million in 2017. So, a little over half the population of Bangladesh now has Internet. Amazing!

This increase in Internet usage has spurred on many new online businesses, including VPS hosting! Prices for VPS hosting in Bangladesh are a bit more expensive than Westernized hosting, but not outlandishly so. Setting up your website for fast load times according to location couldn’t be easier!

Best VPS Hosting Germany

There are over 71,000,000 Internet users in Germany, which is about 88% of the population. Connection types include FTTH and FTTB, satellite, UMTS/HSDPA and LTE, Cable, and more. From the year 2000 – present, Germany experienced a massive 58% surge in Internet growth, making them the #4 country in the world regarding Internet connectivity.

And thanks to the robust network structure of Germany, there are numerous VPS hosting services being offered at reasonable prices. No one ever said that having a global business presence was easy, but with Germany VPS, you’ll see rates most people can afford.

Best VPS Hosting France

86.4% of France citizens are online, making up 1.6% of the total Internet use around the world. They rank just behind Germany and the UK regarding European households connected to the Internet. Regarding VPS hosting services, France is no wimp. They’ve got a wealth of VPS hosting options that are perfect for your business!

Prices start at just $9 per month and scale-up. France-based VPS services allow you to choose the bandwidth delivery that’s right for you, across a wide range of available bandwidth speeds.

Best VPS Hosting Italy

Italy is another top country regarding Internet use. 65% of the Italian population currently has Internet access, with this number set to grow much bigger over the next few years.

And Italy has some great deals on VPS hosting going on right now! The best service at competitive prices, with global Internet connectivity and high-speed website access no matter what!

Best VPS Hosting Singapore

Nearly half of all households in Singapore are currently connected to the Internet. This provides a rich market for VPS hosting services and Internet-based businesses. You can find tons of available VPS hosting packages to help skyrocket your business into success!

Prices are reasonable, with Linux / Windows servers available upon request. Singapore provides a high level of business security, reliability, and functionality. So, if you need a website access point based in Singapore, you’ll find a plethora of VPS hosts that can fulfill your needs right here!

Best VPS Hosting Sweden

Sweden is home to the 4th highest Internet usage rate (pound for pound) in the world. With an impressive 94% Internet usage across the population. Internet connectivity options include Cable Internet, Optical Fibre, ADSL, VDSL, LAN Ethernet, and more. And Sweden is one of the freest countries in the world regarding Internet censorship, with laws in place to preserve freedom of speech and press.

You can expect to pay a slightly higher premium for VPS plans located in Sweden, but if you shop around and choose wisely, there are some pretty affordable plans you can find there.

Best VPS Hosting Europe

Europe has some of the most affordable VPS hosting on the planet! With quality VPS hosting starting as low as $4.95/mo, 30-day money-back guarantee, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and unlimited bandwidth, you’ll wonder why you ever looked anywhere else.

And that’s not all! If you purchase a multi-month or yearly hosting package, you’ll get a huge discount! Compare Europe’s VPS hosting plans to your current VPS hosting provider and see what all the fuss is about!

Best VPS Hosting Malaysia

Malaysia has some fantastic options for VPS hosting as well, and you can find deals starting as low as $5 / month! Securing a VPS hosting presence on the Internet has never been easier or cheaper. And if you check out what an online presence can do for the health of your business, you’ll be amazed!

Getting started with a VPS hosting account is easy. Just sign up, get familiar with the Control Panel, upload your files, and that’s it! Come check it out and let’s get started!

Best VPS Hosting Japan

92% of Japanese households are on the Internet. And with 103 million Internet users, it creates a digital ecosystem that many businesses rely on every day. This includes website hosting services like VPS!

With plenty of experience in VPS hosting, Japan can be your “Far East” connection for fast page loading and content access around the world. A foreign VPS can speed things up and get you on the right track. You’ll be amazed by the difference!

Best VPS Hosting Russia

Russia has a reasonably robust Internet usage spread, with 76 percent of the population actively using the Internet every day. They’ve also got competitive VPS hosting packages available for all, with budget VPS starting at about $8 per month.

If you stop and consider what VPS hosting can do for your business, it makes perfect sense to get the ball rolling right away! Most businesses that establish an online presence experience a massive increase in sales volume their very first year!

Best VPS Hosting Nigeria

VPS hosting allows for almost complete customization, just like a dedicated server, but with none of the hassles. You get more freedom than with shared hosting, and you can choose between Windows or Linux as an OS.

And with 92,000,000 people in Nigeria using the Internet every day, it provides a reliable network for VPS hosting people can use around the world. Nigerian VPS hosting is one of the most affordable ways to launch a new website and can quickly accelerate your online business.

Best VPS Hosting Mexico

While Mexico isn’t one of the leading Internet superpowers, they’ve done an excellent job of creating and maintaining their countries’ network capabilities. 56% of Mexico’s population has Internet access, which equals over 90,000,000 people online at all times!

Along with these vast network resources, comes VPS hosting at affordable prices. Take a look at what Mexico has to offer with VPS hosting, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Best VPS Hosting Philippines

The Philippines are currently offering some pretty fantastic deals on VPS hosting, complete with all the includes that make VPS hosting great! High bandwidth allowances, generous storage limits, and more, all hosted on one of the strongest Internet backbone connections in the world.

VPS hosting sets you free of high cost dedicated servers but still allows you complete customization ability. One of the most significant accomplishments of VPS hosting is allowing businesses/customers to save more time and money. Take advantage of Philippine VPS!

Best VPS Hosting Thailand

Thailand is home to much more than just shrines and palaces. With monthly VPS deals starting at just $15, they’ve got the perfect deal for you. It’s easy to provide your customers with high-speed website access that works around the world.

Website owners can scale their site up or down instantly according to their needs. If the website owner is experiencing more traffic than usual, increasing the bandwidth limit is as easy as 1-2-3.

Best VPS Hosting Turkey

Enterprise managed VPS cloud hosting can turn your online business into a giant! Cloud technology gives you the power, flexibility, and control you need to get ahead. Turkey has the very latest in VPS technology, including security audits, daily backups, uptime guarantee, 24/7 support, and more!

Does a top-of-the-line Tier III data center sound good to you? What about instant activation and instant troubleshooting services? Then come to find out about Turkey VPS hosting services today!

Awesome List of 15+ Top VPS Hosting 2024 → With Reviews & Updates

Remember, when it comes to choosing a VPS host, be sure to check out all available options, so you get the features you need. Getting the features you need a standard, without having to pay extra for them separately, is often best.

#1. Bluehost: Best Optimise VPS Hosting.

SSL: FREE SSL (To every domain)

Uptime: 99.9% (Guarantee)

Cost: $19.99/mo (33% Discount)

Support: Live Chat (24/7 Support)
  • WordPress optimization is available.
  • Packages available from $19.99.
  • All components guaranteed to be available at all times.
  • Fast deployment.
  • All servers are maintained in-house.

Those looking for VPS hosting solutions built from scratch can use BlueHost. The provider offers VPS hosting for BlueHost focuses on VPS hosting services with SSD storage functions.

You will get unlimited bandwidth and a domain included with your program. Advanced web caching also keeps your site running quickly without any sizeable delays involved.

Open source technology is used in each BlueHost system. OpenStack and KVM systems are used to make it easier for people to adjust their hosting functions as needed.

BlueHost has four packages available for use from $19.99 to $59.99 per month during your first month.

This all comes with 24/7 customer service support. You can even get a 30-day money-back guarantee on the service for your use.

Visit Bluehost

#2. A2Hosting: 20x Faster VPS Hosting

SSL: FREE SSL (To every domain)

Uptime: 99.9% (Guarantee)

Cost: $32.99/mo (Special Discount, 34% Off)

Support: Live Chat (24/7 Support)
  • Plan start only at $5/mo.
  • Perpetual Security solution.
  • Quadruple Redundancy Datacenters.
  • FREE HackScan with restore options.
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

For people who are all looking for the host solution with high features of speed and performances along with the best support solution and security, A2hosting will be the preferable one.

The VPS servers of A2hosting would be perfect for the system administration and developers who often handles the Cpanel for various updates and to customize the web pages.

A2hosting offers you the same user-friendly platform for all the VPS hosting plans similar to all other hosting plans they offer. Their web caching tools help the hosted websites to load 20% faster than other sites.

The pricing factor over the variety of VPS plans UNMANAGED VPS, MANAGED VIPS, and CORE VPS comes with $5.00, $32.99 (use promo code: 34VPS) and $32.99 per month (use promo code: 34VPS) which is cheap while looking into the features and services offered by A2hosting.

Visit A2 Hosting

#3. HostPapa

SSL: FREE SSL (To every domain)

Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $19.99/mo (60% Off)

Support: Live Chat (avg. response ~ 2min)
  • Ease Managing of multiple servers.
  • One-on-one video training sessions.
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee.
  • The best 1-stop hosting solution for businesses.

Host papa gives you the excel services when it comes to all hosting features like CRM tools usage, offering Automatic Backups, unlimited access and so.

The users of Host Papa will get the dedicated account manager, dedicated bill over their services, which they availed from them.

With the enhanced SSD drivers, customers can experience the unleashed power of VPS hosting from Hostpapa.

With the presence of the PapaSquad VPS solution, VPS hosting customers can avail the round clock support from the experts.

The price tag of their variety of VPS hosting plans Plus, Pro, Premium, Ultra, and Extreme comes with $19.99, $39.99, $109.99, $149.99, and $249.99 per month respectively.

You can compare those plans and pick the suitable one according to your site usage, so that it gives you amazing benefits.

Visit Hostpapa

#4. GoDaddy: Very Popular


Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $29.00/mo (30% Discount Coupon Applied)

Support: 24/7 (Free Support)
  • Ease maintenance and consistent fast performance.
  • 2x Intel E5-2620v3 Processor type, 15M Processor Cache, 2x 600GB HDD Processor hard disk.
  • VPS server comes with multi-tenant Virtual Machine.
  • Award-winning support and security.
  • Simple Installation of Popular Web Apps.

It is a well known hosting service provider all over the world. They offer an isolated approach to all the customers who are engaged with them.

Amazing with Godaddy, they provide effective installation within a significant time for all web applications. Having a widespread domain name registration could be a big plus for users.

The VPS server offered by the Godaddy comes with Fast, Scalable, and Secure.

Customers can able to customize their VPS server offered by Godaddy since it gives you full root access.

The price tag of their hosting plans Economy, Value, Deluxe, and Ultimate comes with $17.99, $21.99, $26.99 and $39.99 on a monthly basis.

#5. iPage: Cheapest Hosting VPS Provider


Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $19.99/mo (20% Discount)

Support: 24/7 (Free Support)
  • Supports lots of third-party applications.
  • 30 – days money back guarantee.
  • High-speed mirrored SAN storage and guaranteed memory allocation.
  • Cloud-based flexibility.
  • Free Domain Registration.

If you are looking for the cheap and affordable hosting server, then consider hosting your site on iPage. They offer you 75 percent discount for hosting along with free registration for one domain.

Being an Endurance international Family, the iPage hosting is one of the top Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. So, it will be good news for your business, and you can avail of good customer care services from them.
The VPS hosting of iPage comes with optional root access so that you can able to install proprietary software and other needed applications at ease.

The price tag of various VPS hosting plans Basic, Business and Optimum comes with $19.99, $47.99 and $79.99 per month.

#6. HostGator: Best VPS WordPress Hosting

SSL: FREE SSL (To every domain)

Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $29.95/mo (75% Off)

Support: Live Chat (avg. response ~ 2min)
  • Off-site backups.
  • Starting At $19.95/mo.
  • cPanel access is available.
  • Redundant power used for all servers.
  • Strong data protection.

The VPS hosting support from HostGator operates with Linux VPS servers. Each server offers full root access, thus letting you install customized programs.

Each virtual server is entirely dedicated to your particular site. This gives you dedicated server power without bearing the cost.

Off-site backups are provided to all VPS clients every week. This keeps your data in cold storage so it can be securely retrieved later if necessary.

You can also use an optional cPanel access point with MYSQL and PHP support. These may be included to help you keep your content organized well enough. Read more →

HostGator has programs with deals where you can spend $19.95, $29.95 or $39.95 during the first month. 24-hour live phone chat services are also available.

#7. 1&1 Hosting

SSL: FREE SSL (To every domain)

Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $5.00/mo (50% Off)

Support: Live Chat (avg. response ~ 2min)
  • Geo-Redundant Datacenters & 24/7 Support.
  • Full Root access to your VPS server.
  • DDoS Protection, Site Lock Scanning, & New CDN.
  • Pay only for the Custom Configurations you used.
  • VMware Virtualization.

With their supreme hosting service over the years, they managed to grab the trust factor over millions of website owners all over the world.

By offering various web hosting solutions starting from shared, VPS, dedicated, and so, along with the custom web building solution to their customers, they listed in the list of top reputable leaders who are offering web hosting services.

With the Virtual Private Server (VPS) offered by 1and1 hosting, your content will be 100% secure, and you can avail of high performance due to the presence of Intel Xeon E5 processors.

Customers of 1&1 can able to avail free VPS server from 1and1 hosting in various packages which starts from $4.99 per month.

#8. JustHost

SSL: FREE SSL (To every domain)

Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $19.99/mo (33% Off)

Support: Live Chat (avg. response ~ 2min)
  • Free scripts with Just 1 Click Installation.
  • Clear Terms and Privacy Policies.
  • Unprecedented Speed on VPS Servers.
  • 360-degree vulnerability daily scanning.

With the lots of free extra value-added features, the JustHost stands out to be the benefit for you. Also, they are the fair price shared host service provider with an easy administration panel.

JustHost can be utilized by both the new tech folks and also the experienced people too. Their unlimited offers on bandwidth usage, disk storage, and email accounts give them a big plus.

The VPS hosting of the Justhost server comes with the Enhanced cPanel along with the cloud technology and Root access.

The experts of JustHost offer you the Instant Provisioning along with various extra value benefits. Website owners can get guaranteed server resources.

The price tag of different VPS hosting plans of Justhost Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate comes with $19.99, $29.99, $44.99 and $59.99 on a monthly basis.

#9. FatCow

SSL: FREE SSL (To every domain)

Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $19.99/mo (20% Discount)

Support: Live Chat (avg. response ~ 2min)
  • Reliable 24/7 support.
  • Instant Web Development.
  • Easy Backup and Restore option.
  • No Excessive billings.

When it comes to shared hosting, FatCow would the most preferable one. It is one of the most preferred hosting services for the small business and new folks who are entering into the online world.

With the world-class technology, they offer a high amount of storage accesses up to 120 GB to their VPS hosting customers, along with the bandwidth usage up to 4TB.
All the VPS hosting plans offered by Fatcow come with increased control, pre-installed scripts, marketing credits, and with a whopping 20% discount as a promotional offer.

When it comes to pricing factors, they have three different VPS hosting plans Basic, Business, and Optimum comes with an affordable price of $19.99, $ 47.99, and $79.99 per month, respectively.

You can avail 30-day money back guarantee over all their VPS hosting plans.

#10. InterServer

SSL: FREE SSL (To every domain)

Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $6.00/mo (Low Cost VPS Hosting)

Support: Live Chat (avg. response ~ 2min)
  • 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee.
  • Easy control panel.
  • Free Migration Services.
  • Strong commitment and Support centers.
  • Multiple Language Servers.
  • Flexible Software Options.
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee.

The New Jersey-based hosting solution provider InterServer gives you the strong technical experience when it comes to hosting websites with high prolific customer care solution.

Unlike other service providers, the InterServer Hosting solutions give you the price-lock guarantee, which means you can pay on what price you signed with them as long as you hold the account with them.
InterServer offers you two modes of VPS hosting. You can pick either Linux Cloud VPS or Windows Cloud VPS.

The price tag of the Linux based cloud VPS hosting starts with a minimum of $6.00 to $16 per month. Meanwhile, for Windows-based cloud VPS comes with a minimum of $10 to a maximum of $160 per month.

#11. SiteGround

SSL: FREE SSL (To every domain)

Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $80/mo (Very Popular Managed VPS)

Support: Live Chat
  • WordPress, Magento and Drupal services available.
  • One-click installation.
  • The backup system works with backups for seven consecutive days always saved.
  • Free CDN.

SiteGround works with three data centers for keeping your content secure. It also offers daily backups of all VPS setups.

The CMS support includes one-click installation assistance and cPanel support. You can use this work for e-commerce needs.

You can get 5 TB of data transfer power each month. You can also use a Linux system with an SSD disk. These keep your work running thanks to a lightweight setup quickly.

Order a program from SiteGround for $80, $120, $160 or $240 per month. Get up to eight CPU cores for your setup, depending on the particular program you wish to stick with.

This is all available with 24/7 VIP customer service help. The customer service team is available online and by phone.

#12. LiquidWeb

SSL: FREE SSL (To every domain)

Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $59.00/mo

Support: 14/7 Support
  • Powerful SSDs with RAID Protection.
  • Cloud Dedicated Servers Available.
  • All VPS includes Built-in backups, Gigabit Transfer, Integrated Firewall and so many.
  • cPanel/WHM or Plesk Onyx Available.

Liquid Web Inc, the most preferred privately managed web hosting company by many all over the world, they are the team of professionals who give you the technological awesomeness.

The VPS hosting offered by the Liquid Web gives you the opportunity of experiencing the fastest managed VPS hosting ever.

The VPS server offered by the Liquid Web gives great value for the customers who hosted their E-commerce website and prefers to updates based on the requirement in the future.

With tons of high featured add-on’s and plug-ins, you can easily strengthen your site’s performances in search engines with the VPS hosting of Liquid Web.

The VPS hosting plans gets differed based on the RAM (2GB – 8GB) and Storage Capacity (40GB to 200GB) for which prices starts with $59 to $169 per month.

#13. GreenGeeks

SSL: FREE SSL (To every domain)

Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $39.95/mo

Support: Very Good Support Team
  • FREE SEO and marketing tools.
  • cPanel/WHM License Included ($200/yr value).
  • FREE Nightly Backup.
  • FREE eNom Domain Reseller Account.
  • Premium Perks features are Included for Free.
  • 24/7/365 Live Chat and Extensive Phone Support.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

GreenGeeks offers you the superb hosting packages with their millions of servers hosted across the world along with thousands of data centers.

The battalion of tech-savvy features offered by the GreenGeeks would sure give the happiness among the first time web hosting folks and also among the experienced folks.

VPS hosting of GreenGeeks comes with the SSD & Cpanel/WHM, owing to that webmasters can able to experience the fast access to their hosting sites.

The price tag of the 5 different VPS hosting plans gets varied according to the RAM (1GB – 8GB), and disk Storage (25GB – 125 GB) starts from a minimum price of $39.95 to $159.95 per month.

#14. DreamHost

SSL: FREE SSL (To every domain)

Uptime: 99.9% (guarantee)

Cost: $13.75/mo

Support: Unlimited Hosted Domains
  • Easy and Secure Domain Management.
  • Packages start at $15/mo.
  • 97 days Money Back Guarantee.
  • 1-year free domain registration.
  • 21% Faster Page Load Time.

Being one of the well established hosting companies in online, you can avail top-notch hosting service from them.

They could be the perfect solution for those who are about to launching high-scale websites; they offer you VPS, Could, Shared, and even dedicated hosting servers.

The most highlighting feature of Dreamhost VPS hosting is, they give you SSD-powered VPS hosting, which gives tremendous speed to your hosted websites.

The VSP server offered by the DreamHost comes with the 100% network uptime in all the VPS hosting level packages, which starts from a minimum of $15 per month to a maximum of $120 per month.

DreamHost scores heavily when it comes to pricing, security and also on easiness of access. Also, they possess 24/7/365 Tier II customer care support solution, that can be availed via social media too.

#15. InMotion:

Free: Domain (FREE domain to get you started)

Performance: Ultra fast (Hack & malware protection)

Cost: $19.99/mo (Perfect for Developers)

Support: 24/7365 (Live Chat, Email, Phone, Skype)
  • Up to 8 GB RAM available.
  • The plan starts at $27.99.
  • Unlocked CPU cores.
  • Free backup services.
  • Live and scheduled snapshots offered.

When looking for VPS hosting support, InMotion is a great group to take a look at. InMotion focuses heavily on offering quality services for hosting that is easy to follow.

InMotion provides VPS hosting with twenty-four-hour redundancy and a free cPanel and WHM control panel setup.

The secure email setup offers up to 8 GM RAM and solid-state drives. SSDs offer speeds up to twenty times faster than what a regular hard drive might offer.

Servers are also configured with advanced security functions. This includes SSL enabled in the cPanel setup system.

InMotion has plans at $27.99, $44.99 and $64.99 per month in your first month of use with at least three dedicated IP addresses to each user. A 90-day money-back guarantee is also included.

A free domain is also offered for six and twelve-month plans.


Getting a VPS hosting setup to work for your needs is critical to your success. You have to use a VPS system to help you out with keeping your website up and running.

With a VPS, you will avoid problems relating to having to use hardware. You can get your setup customized as needed, thus letting your VPS grow as your business does.

It is also easy to use a VPS for getting an e-commerce site ready. This includes working with great applications that are easy to install.

The versatility of the VPS also ensures you can keep it online at any time. You can get everything updated well without having to bear with any downtime.

The backup support for a VPS host is also worth looking into. But you should see how well the backups work and that they are handled off-site if possible.

The functionality of a VPS setup is also something worth watching for. WordPress, Drupal, and many other setups can work for you as demanded.

You might be impressed with how well a VPS host can assist you with keeping your site running fast. The added virtual processing support will keep things moving like a breeze.

Be sure to see what VPS hosting can do for you. VPS hosting will work well for keeping your content protected and managed well.

We hope you enjoyed our presentation of the Top 10 Best VPS Hosts online. Now that you know a bit more about VPS hosting in general, you can compare it to other server technologies such as Cloud hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated servers. You may find that VPS gives you the best combination of features and quality for the money, along with the same freedom of customization you get with a 100% dedicated server.

And sure, with VPS, you don’t have nearly as much bandwidth and data storage “firepower.” But the raw truth is, most people don’t need the power of an entire dedicated server in the first place, and never will.

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