Top 10 Free Web Hosting Providers

Free Web Hosting Providers

It is noticeable that Web hosting has brought about a complete change in the internet scenario all over the world. From emails, websites, blogs and galleries this technology facilitates the users with all that they can imagine of doing on the web to reach out to people. Here is a list of top 10 free web hosting providers:

Thus, the above list of top 10 free web hosting providers contains the outlines and they offer much more than this. Most of them are highly reliable and trustworthy, making them worth for the users. There has been a lot of research work going on at the back end to obtain and rank the ten and has certainly helped a lot in the framework of this list.

How to select a best free web hosting service?

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Though the list of top ten free web hosting providers have been made available, it is advised to check on the details listed below before going for a web host. These key points will serve your question of how to selection a web host.

  • Advertising: Many free web host service providers choose to advertise on your website and have their own terms and conditions attached to the same. Check out these conditions before make a final call.
  • Amount of web space available: If you plan to expand at a later date, it is important to check the amount of web space offered.
  • File type and size limits: Some free web hosts enforce a maximum size and type (HTML and GIF/JPG files) on each of the files you upload. If your site needs are different then you will have to look at other options.

Why is website hosting important?

  • It’s your digital identity: a bad host means down site leading to no customers and a total loss
  • Communication: Running emails through your server helps you to create a good image on your potential and existing clients. You sound professional and reliable.
  • Marketing: The better your website host, the higher your profits!

Keep in mind these simple tips and choose your web host among the top 10 free web hosting service providers for they are sure to help your site grow and develop.

Top 10 Free Web Hosting Companies

1. Awardspace

Awardspace is a top-notch free web hosting provider that provides free 200 MB Web Space and allows traffic up to 5000 MB.

  • 99.62% uptime
  • Does not force any ads on the user pages

2. Free Servers

One of the finest free web hosts, this one has a hosting experience of 10 years and excess of 4 million websites.

  • Hosting platform is solid and stable; reliable
  • Websites can features technology such as MySQL, PHP, and FTP Access

3. Doteasy

The web hosting plans for this one has changed a lot over years. It has a versatile range of plans for making a simple website and even for a high powered, high traffic website.

  • Basic plan offers 100 MB of storage and 1 GB of data transfer per month
  • Has PHP Support
4. 0000 Free

0000 Free is a free web hosting provider as its name suggests. It allows 2000 MB Web Space with traffic of 20,000 MB. Acknowledging its quality and reliability it deserves a spot in the list of top 10 free web hosting providers.

  • PHP and ASP Programming supported
  • No ads forced on the user pages

5. AgilityHoster

A dynamic free host, AgilityHoster provides a lot to the users. The prominent ones included a 200 MB Web Space and allowance of 5 GB Traffic.

  • PHP, Perl, MySQL, FTP and POP3
  • Instant Activation

6. LeadHoster

LeadHoster is a renowned free web host that provides 250 MB of Disk Space along with 5000 MB Traffic.

  • PHP, CGI/Perl Programming supported
  • 99.49% uptime

7. Byethost

This is one of the most reliable free web hosting providers. Its databases are based on MySQL and PHP Programming. Byethost offers 5500 MB Web Space and a monthly transfer of 200 GB which is much more as compared to others.

  • Free 24/7 support
  • Offer wide range of internet solutions

8. HourB

If one thinks of unlimited MB in terms of web space and traffic, HourB is the host for it. Supporting PHP Programming, it also provides a POP3 Email account.

  • 98.53% uptime
  • No ads on user pages

9. A-Host

Another one in the list of top 10 free web hosting providers is the A-Host. It has provision for 250 MB and 5000 MB Traffic.

  • Provides POP3 Email account
  • PHP and CGI/Perl Programming supported

10. Atspace

For those who are looking for a Top-level domain name or Sub-domain with 60 MB Disk space and unlimited traffic, Atspace can be counted on.

  • No Banner Ads
  • Leading provider of Free Hosting, VPS Hosting, Paid Share Hosting

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