HostGator Review & Rating

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HostGator Review & Rating

HostGator has become one of the most infamous and largest web hosting companies all over the globe. They bring to you VPS hosting, managed WordPress hosting plans, shared hosting, and dedicated servers. Read on to find out what Review Bridge has to say about HostGator step by step and get to know how much of usage HostGator has for you.

Before digging on the performance and review evaluation of HostGator, it is vital to know some more about HostGator.

About HostGator Hosting

Founded in the year 2002, HostGator has quickly become one of the greatest and the most popular web hosting companies all around the world. You can make credible for its monstrous growth to its reliable web hosting, quality service to its customers, effective support, and shared hosting plans.

In today’s date, HostGator has been headquartered in Houston, Texas and has a hosting of almost 8 million domains. They have around 900 employees working for them all around the clock to offer to its customers the greatest support at all hours and serve to the business of all the kinds and sizes.

What are the various plans offered by HostGator?

  • WordPress Hosting: A shared hosting plan which has been optimized by HostGator for websites powered by WordPress. It protects your website from numerous common attacks of WordPress and also optimizes your performance.
  • Dedicated Server: With the aid of dedicated hosting you receive a server solely for website hosting, but it also comes along with a lot of responsibility as now you will have to keep it under maintenance all on your own.
  • Shared Hosting: The best way to begin with your new website is Shared Hosting which although comes with low traffic but is an awesome option. On an environment of shared hosting, your website will share a few resources with other few websites which are being hosted on the same server.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Sector): VPS permits you to manage your resources on a virtual platform with a cloud hosting platform. It has ultimate suitability for websites which are growing with frequent spikes in traffic.
  • Cloud Hosting: Unlike a shared hosting account which is limited to a singular server, cloud hosting brings to use numerous servers and is again suitable for your website if it receives growth with frequent traffic spikes.

What is the performance review of HostGator?

#1. Speed results

When you decide to choose a website hosting company, your primary lookout is for the speed. You would not want your website to take a lot of loading time. Speed is the most important performance indicator. So, we decided to test the speed results HostGator offers.

A faster website not only is more reachable for customers but also enhances your SEO rankings. HostGator allows you to load your website in a fraction of a second which is faster than almost 94% tested sites.

#2. Server response time

Your website content has a significant impact on your page load time. Too many images slow down the speed results of your website. While checking the HostGator server response, it was found that HostGator gave an awesome response in the same context.

We found that the server response time with HostGator was merely a second or even less which indicates that your site is going to load super quickly all over the globe.

#3. Features and hosting plans

HostGator brings you a number of hosting plans. You can choose from the various options which suit your needs and requirements. All these plans have awesome features and are suitable for various requirements and budgets. We have listed for you the various plans and features.

HostGator customer service and support

HostGator provides fantastic customer service in the industry it operates. This includes live support chat, ticket-based support on emails, and 24*7 telephone service support.

Within your hosting dashboard, you can find a portal for support as well. This portal aids you in finding quick answers for you from a 680+ articles base knowledge along with tutorial videos over 500.

Every account on HostGator is completely guaranteed to you by Adam Farrar, the CEO of HostGator. If you ever face a problem with the usual support system of HostGator, then you can avail a ticket which will be assigned directly to Adam. He does respond to every ticket which is assigned to him.

Here are all the details about the services and offerings of HostGator. All in all, below we have listed for you a number of pros and cons which we find are relevant to HostGator at all levels and justify both of its sides including positive and negative.

Does HostGator offer coupon codes?

One of the excellent places where we recommend you can find their coupon codes is on their official coupon code page. You can for yourself view a lot of deals on domain names and web hosting and get 100% valid coupon codes from there.

What are the pros of HostGator?

  • Free migration: HostGator brings to you free migration facility with all the accounts that are new, the expert and professional team at HostGator will transfer all the previous data on your old website to the new website at no extra cost during the first month of signing up.
  • Reliable hosting: On reviewing, we found that HostGator promises an uptime of almost 99.99%. If you are experiencing downtime below this uptime, then you will get back one-month credit added to your account.
  • Flexible periods for billing: You can choose between yearly and monthly billing periods as you find comfortable or suitable for yourself. Longer billing periods will bring you more discounts.
  • Humble money back guarantee: HostGator provides you with a 45-day guarantee of money back. Usually, website hosting companies do not provide money back guarantee for more than 30 days.

What are the cons of HostGator?

  • Aggressive Upselling: You need to preview the pre-selected additional services during the process of signing up. If you are not sure about it, then you can anyway uncheck them. You can always add them whenever need now or later.
  • No domain for free: Unlike many other website hosting companies, HostGator does not provide you with a free registration of domain when you sign up.

Other Information

Established:22nd October 2002
Key Features:45-Day Money-Back Guarantee, 99.9% Uptime guarantee
Services:Cloud Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Application Hosting, Windows Hosting, Domain Registration and Domain Transfer
Toll Free:(866) 964 - 2867
Live Chat:24/7/365 Support
Affiliate Program:Yes

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