Signs that you need to change web host service

Signs That You Need To Change Web Host Service

According to a research 2019, the price may not be the only factor you need to consider when signing up for a new web host service or extending the subscription. Your online business requires flexibility, reliability, scalability, among many other factors. If your existing service provider fails to offer these services you may well want to switch to a new service provider.

Why move your website to a new hosting company

There are many factors to consider before switching to a new service provider, apart from price, hidden charges, the quality of service, support available, etc., you may want additional tools and services that cater to your growing business, traffic. There may be many signs that your existing service provider sends about the quality of the service they offer; you need to understand those signals and take the right decision.

You would not want to continue a business relationship with a service provider who does not contribute effectively to your business growth, right?

Does your current web host service provider offer an amazing range of tools to cater to your growing business?  Are you happy with the support, customer and technical, offered by your web host?

When you face these issues frequently, you need a new web host provider

You need to understand these signals from your current hosting service company to decide if you want to continue with the same host or switch to a new hosting company.

#1 – Frequent Downtime:

Your existing service provider may have promised maximum uptime, however in reality that may not be the case. Frequent downtimes makes your website inaccessible, and as your business grows, it will have serious repercussions on the credibility and the profitability of your business.

If your existing host does not offer 99% uptime, you need to consider that as an unfavorable sign before you go for an extension of the subscription, and may want to switch your service provider.

#2 – Not so user-friendly interface:

You may not have the technical expertise to handle hosting related issues, and if the web hosting provider does not offer user-friendly and easy to use control panel, dashboard, it will make life difficult for you.

A control panel is an important tool that helps you change the settings monitor your website performance etc., if the web host offers a technically complex, not so user-friendly cPanel, you may seriously want to consider moving your site to a new web hosting company.

#3 – Insufficient storage:

Web host provider offers you storage space to upload your files and make them accessible to your visitors, and as your website grows with the time you will be uploading more content, text, files, etc.

If your current web host fails to offer sufficient storage, you may not be able to upload new files, etc., and you should consider that a sign to switch web host service company.

#4 – Higher page load time:

You have six seconds, time a visitor waits on a website before he switches to another site, to impress your visitor and make a sale if your site takes forever to load, that leads to frustration to your visitor, and he takes his business to your competitor.

If the issue is because of a spike in the traffic that your site has been attracting or because of your website issues, you need to either subscribe to a higher package, with more space or optimize your site. On the contrary of the issue is with the host, maybe if the company has too many sites on the server, etc., you will have to look for an alternate hosting service company.

#5 – Lack of Proper security tools:

The risk of cyber-attacks, hacking, and data theft is at its peak in the modern-day. Your web host needs to have latest cybersecurity tools, and techniques to defend any hacking attacks on your website.

If your current web host service provider fails to offer the latest security tools or measures, you may end up paying hefty penalties, and fines. Well, the lack of proper security measures is a sign for you to move to a different web host company that offer fantastic security tools.

#6 – Lack of Backup features:

Technical problems may occur without notice out of the blue, and they may erase all your important business data, which might result in loss of business opportunities, fines, penalties, etc.

If your web host does not offer regular back up of your data, take it as a sign to keep looking for an awesome web host that offers back up of data.

#7 – No proper server maintenance:

Your web host should maintain its servers in good condition so that your website performance is optimal. Lack of proper maintenance could spell disaster for your website and online business.

If your web host does not take proper care of the server with regular maintenance, you should consider that an indication for you to find an amazing web host provider that provides regular maintenance services.

Additional factors that force you to switch to a different hosting company 

In addition to these, you need to consider many more factors, as the list of factors that indicate you need to switch to a different web host that offers awesome features and services is endless.

  • Price: If your web host provider charges exorbitant prices for renewing or has a number of hidden charges, you may want to look out for another web host company that follows a fair pricing system.
  • Support: You need to concentrate on your running your business, you may not have the time or the expertise to handle technical issues, if your web host does not offer awesome support, then you may have to move to a different web host company.
  •  Scalability: You may have ambitious plans to grow your business, however, if your web host does not offer tools that can cater to the growing demands of your business, then your business will suffer badly.


You need a flexible web host service that can offer storage, bandwidth, security tools, and other additional apps, tools that help you stay up to date with the latest technologies and also accommodate your business growth at affordable prices.

A word of caution would be to read their terms and conditions, reviews available online, talk to the staff, so you understand their policies completely. Some companies may also offer a free trial period to test their services; you may also want to check such services.

The survival and growth of your online business greatly depend on the quality of your web host service company, make sure you chose the best one for your online business.

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