Know Before You Choose Web Hosting Company

Top 10 Factors To Know Before You Choose Web Hosting Company

Choosing a web hosting company can be severe and daunting, especially when you’re new to website hosting. Choosing a wrong type of hosting is an expensive mistake that ends up losing visitors due to lack of website features or uptime.

Here, compiled top ten critical factors to know before you choose the web hosting company. It helps to find a right hosting solution and informed decision for your website. This guide helps to decide to decide which package and hosting company suits your needs.

#1 – Price

It is the most important aspect most people consider initially while choosing the hosting provider. Although it is not a deciding factor, you can find a huge difference in price when it comes to web hosting company. Jumping on the cheapest offer is not at all a good idea. Consider the features of host provider and then try to compare prices.

#2- Server reliability

Nothing is more important than having the 24/7 operating web host. Your web host must have a stable network connection and powerful server. The uptime score must be above 99.5% and below 99% is unacceptable.

#3 – Usability

Storage and bandwidth are the important features that you need to look for the usability. Check whether the hosting vendor has Plesk, ISPConfig, ispCP or cPanel. These programs let you customise and set up your hosting and website.

#4 – Customer service

Regardless of company reliability and skills, web hosting company must be available anytime to answer your questions. Make sure that they have dedicated customer service team to fix your doubts. Check all the possible methods to contact the company like phone, email, Skype or any social media networks.

#5 – Reputation

Checking the reputation of the hosting company is necessary. The websites must have statistics or testimonials that can demonstrate the customer satisfaction and also review and feedback from other customers.

#6 – Space and scalability

Space is the primary service that the web hosting company offers for different hosting websites. Availability of bandwidth and space needs to be considered. Roboshift, webhostingbuzz and Hostgator offering unlimited bandwidth.

#7 – Speed

After hosting the website, speed is the prime feature which binds the user. A perfect website will load within seconds else visitor move out from the site. Ensure the company uses high- speed connection to show up faster.

#8 – Email capabilities

Every business requires dedicated email address for various business activities. Before choosing the hosting company. Check the email addresses availability, auto-responding ability, the amount and the ability for the aliases use.

#9 – Control panel

The service provider must provide the control panel to update or modify the site on your own. The panel must provide an easy interface.

#10 – Scalability

Check whether the hosting provider suit into your plan for your future.

There are currently thousands of companies that offer hosting services. It is tough to find the ideal service for you. Keep top ten most important aspects in mind while selecting the web hosting company.

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