Common Web Hosting Issues and their solutions

Common Web Hosting Issues And Their Solutions

Reliable, and fast web host is what you need for your e-commerce store or personal blog to help you build a successful online business. When you go shopping for a fantastic web host service, you need to have an understanding of the common issues with hosting service providers, so you chose the best service provider.

When you plan to take your business online, you need hosting service with excellent features that can help your visitors with a fantastic browsing experience. The plethora of web hosting service providers in the market offers many features to improve your online business.

The multitude of offers from these hosting service companies makes the decision-making process confusing, especially if you are new to online business or utterly unaware of web hosting related issues.

An understanding of the web hosting services and the common issues with these services will not only make it easy to choose the right company to host your website, but also helps you fix any technical or billing problem that may arise with these companies once you sign-up with one.

Solutions to Top 5 Common Issues with Web Hosting

Well, your online business may face complex hosting related issues, some of which are technical while others are billing and customer service related. Whatever the problem be, you need to communicate with the hosting service company to fix the issue, so your business runs smoothly and un-interruptedly.   

#1 – Issues with installing scripts:

One of the problems you may encounter hosting your website is installing scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, etc., for your website.


Installing scripts is an essential step in hosting your website, and so mostly the welcome email that you receive on signing up should contain the steps required to do so. You need to keep an eye for these emails from the hosting company. In case, you still face difficulties in installing scripts, or during installation, you can call the support to help you complete the setup.

If you are not so technically inclined or prefer easy installation, you may want to go with a hosting company that supports software such as Fantastico or similar programs that makes setting up an easy task for you.

#2 – Adding more Domains:

When you plan to add more websites to your hosting account with the help of an addon domain.


DNS: You need to make sure the addon domain and the parked domains are on the same DNS as your primary domain, as addon domains will be completely functional domains in your control panel. You may face issues if the addon has not been added properly to your server, in such case, you will have to contact the support.

#3 – Log in and email issues:

You may find difficulties with your email account, such as unable to login to your email account, or do not see some of your emails, or a similar issue.


Settings: This may indicate that your mail server is down or may not have been properly configured. You may also want to check if your web host provider has not upgraded mail server. Such issues may arise if the total account, email account does not exceed the subscribed disk space.

Finally, if everything is fine and still your email account has problems you may have to contact the support staff.

#4 – Issues with navigation speed:

Well, you have about 5 seconds to attract your visitors and turn them into customers. If your website takes too long to load, your visitors may switch to another site. As a result, you lose a business opportunity.


Network Latency: The speed issues could arise because of network latency, make sure your web host service provider uses the latest tools, software to cut down network latency issues.

Server location: The location of servers and data centers will also affect the navigation or page load speed. If servers are located close to your visitors’ geographical region, they experience higher rates. Check with your hosting company about the location of their servers, to make sure they are located close to your target audience.

A web host with Content delivery Network or (CDN) significantly improves the page load speed by enabling cache of static pages; this helps you especially if you have visitors from a different geographical location across the world.

#5 – Security Issues:

Security of the information, personal and confidential, stored on your website is crucial to the success of your online business. With hackers on the prowl, this has become a common issue and a threat for most online business.


Delete any unused, unnecessary scripts, that you no longer need, or applications from your account.

Keep an eye for unrecognizable files, directories, etc.

Be careful when giving permission to files or folders to access your programs, applications.

Updates all plugins to the newest versions.


Well, apart from these primary issues, you may encounter many other problems with your web hosting service. When you encounter a problem, you need to contact the support staff so the item can be rectified at the earliest. Before signing up with a hosting service provider, you need to check if the customer and technical support staff are knowledgeable and responsive.

Maintain caution while signing up, so your online business operates smoothly

Support: Most of the issues you face with web host service need the guidance of a technical expert to walk you through the process of setting up your account, installing software, etc. Without such help, your business would suffer badly, so you need to make sure the web host service company has support staff that is customer-friendly, courteous, knowledgeable. You can talk to the company staff, read reviews, etc., to see if the team is accommodating.

Fees: Money is an important consideration in any buying decision, so when you look for a web host provider, understand the cost fully and charges policy, they have to avoid any disappointments later.

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