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Hostinger Overview
Website: www.hostinger.com
Established: 2004
Key Features: Up to 3x fatser, Spam and threat detection, 30-day money-back guarantee, Free SSL certificate, Free domain
Customer Support: 24/7 Live chat, Onsite email form
Headquarter: 61 Lordou Vironos Street, 6023 Larnaca, Cyprus
Affiliate Program: Yes

Let’s enlist some of the Pros and Cons of 1&1 IONOS:


  • Auto updates of WordPress updates.
  • High uptime speed.
  • Large range of services offered.
  • Personal advisor for tech support.
  • Friendly for beginners.


  • No reseller web hosting services.
  • Prices rise after first 6 or 12 months.
  • Limited processing capabilities in shared hosting.

About Hostinger

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Established in 1988, 1&1 Ionos has been constantly upgrading itself since its inception and has now became a European giant in the web hosting space. As of today, it has more than eight million customers and over 12 million domains registered.

Serving for more than 30 years in the market, in 2017, 1&1’s parent company United Internet acquired ProfitBricks and called 1&1 Ionos after merging.

The company has its headquarters in Germany and is ISO 27001 certified. It has self-made data centers in Europe and the USA. The company has its offices in Austria, Canada, the U.K, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Spain.

1&1 Ionos majorly focuses on beginners and medium-sized businesses. The company has two thousand employees in 40 countries along with more than ninety thousand servers around the globe. They offer 24*7 customer support and also offer personal advisor for an expert opinion according to the customers’ needs.

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1&1 IONOS Review 2019

For the ongoing reviews of the web hosting platforms for the year 2019, we shall review 1&1 Ionos. First of all, we shall write about the company and what they provide along with the pros and cons of it. Moving further, we shall delve deeper into the technical capabilities like web hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting.

Also, we shall cover more facilities provided by the company like website builder, eCommerce website builder and affiliate partner program along with their prices. The additional features of 1&1 Ionos will also be elaborated further. At last, the coupon codes will be provided with the concluding verdict.

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What is 1&1 IONOS and what they Provide?

A German-based web hosting company, 1&1 Ionos is Europe’s biggest web hosting company. Born in 1988, they are constantly growing and at present, own ninety thousand servers with two thousand employees in forty different countries. The company has served more than 8 Million customers and they have over twelve Million registered domains.

Serving for more than three decades in the market, they have been continuously evolving and have become a benchmark due to their rapid growth and excellent services.
They mainly focus on the beginner’s level and intermediate level businesses having their fifteen facilities in nine countries.

They provide WordPress hosting, web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. Apart from that, they also provide website building service, domain names, online marketing, Google ads management service, search engine optimization tools, and cloud solutions. They are reputed for an impeccable customer support system and offer the facility of choosing a personal advisor for assistance according to customers’ needs.

Key features

1&1 Ionos is a European giant in web hosting and it is obvious that it must have some qualities which made it that big. The main key features are elaborated below.

Security – With its services, 1&1 Ionos provides data protection, email security, website security to the users. Upstream firewalls are prevalent amongst all the thousand active servers globally. This minimizes threats and risks for the server traffic.

Data is always stored through automatic daily backups. Besides, it has a wildcard SSL certificate, anti-spam and anti-phishing protection for higher security.

1&1 Ionos is ISO/IEC 27000:2013 certified, a certificate that underlines the company’s strong security layering.

Payment – Though not the cheapest web hosting platforms, 1&1 Ionos is definitely one of the cheaper web hosting platforms compared to its peers. There are different plans for its varied services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated Hosting, WordPress hosting, etc. One can start with 1&1 Ionos with just 1$ per month for a period of 12 months. Post the completion of one-year, regular charges are levied.

Additionally, there is a 30-day money back guarantee in case one is not happy with the offered services.

Speed – One of the most key features for any web hosting platform is its speed and reliability. And as far as 1&1 Ionos is concerned, these are definitely its beacon features. The guaranteed uptime, as claimed by the platform is 100%. While this percentage is a far-fetched idea, various tests carried out for the uptime shows an average uptime of close to 99.98%. With data centers in five countries, the presence of georedundant infrastructure and 360 Gbit/s connectivity, 1&1 Ionos’ speed is extremely competitive compared to its peers.

Customer Support – One of the most differentiating features of 1&1 Ionos is the impeccable customer support that is rendered to users. Web Hosting clients globally seek prompt and helpful service in case of a technical glitch or downtime. 1&1 Ionos offers 24*7 customer support to their customers via three communication channels namely Live chat, Email, and Phone. Additionally, a customer can request a call back if required.

Ever since 1&1 Ionos saw the light, another distinct feature was added to this repertoire of excellent features – personalized support and consultation. This feature is entirely free of cost.

Whether it is content creation for marketing emails, displaying products to website visitors or adding places for google maps to detect, the personal consultant assigned by 1&1 Ionos takes one through, through expert recommendations, easy explanations and advice.

All these when tagged with the distinct array of knowledge base and articles available online, make the customer’s life while setting up or maintaining their sites extremely easy.

1&1 IONOS Web Hosting Review

The web hosting service of 1&1 IONOS comes with various plans namely the Business, Pro and Expert. These three plans cost $1 per month and become costlier after 12 months (Business plan), 6 months (Pro and Expert plans).

The business plan offers 100 GB of storage, 25 databases, and 25 email accounts. The Initial performance level of this plan is 1 i.e. the site runs smoothly around having hundred visitors per minute.

Pro package provides 100 databases, 250 GB storage and 100 email accounts having its performance level 2 which allows the site to handle 200 visitors per minute.

For using the Expert plan, one has to pay $14 per month after 6 months where 500 GB storage, 500 email accounts, level 3 performance is provided along with SiteLock malware protection. Using this service, the site is able to handle 300 visitors per minute.

The common features of all those packages are the free domain, dual-platform technology, and the performance level can be increased up to 5 at any time.

1&1 IONOS Cloud Hosting Review

Cloud Hosting is one of the distinguished services of 1&1 IONOS.

There are four types of plans offered for cloud hosting i.e. Medium, Large, XL and XXL.

The basic plan costs $15 per month which offers 1 vCore CPU, 1 GB RAM, 50 GB storage and is suitable for up to 4 web projects whereas the second one costs $25 per month and includes 2vCores CPU, 2 GB RAM and 80 GB storage. It can handle up to 8 web projects easily.

The main difference between XL and XXL are: XL costs $35 per month having 2 vCores CPU, 4 GB of RAM, 120 GB of SSD storage whereas the fourth one comes with 4vCores CPU, 8 GB RAM, 160 GB storage and costs $65 per month. XXL is suitable for up to 32 web projects.

Unlimited traffic, free domain for the first year, customized stack and performance optimized applications are the common features of all those plans.

1&1 IONOS Dedicated Hosting Review

Dedicated hosting of 1&1 Ionos might appear a tad expensive but it provides the best facilities according to the price.

The hosting price varies from $55 per month (for three months, then $75 per month) to $150 per month (for 3 months then $170/month).

The basic plan offers hardware of 8 GB RAM, 240 GB storage and 8 Cores 2.4 GHz CPU. There are many plans between the above two plans whose features are incremental according to the prices. The high-end one contains the hardware of 64 GB RAM, 1000 GB storage and 4 cores (HT)*3.8 GHz CPU.

Also, these plans include DDoS protection, HTTP2 and automatic backup of data.

1&1 IONOS WordPress Hosting Review

The WordPress Hosting of 1&1 IONOS is one of the most cost-effective services that are offered by various web hosting platforms.

One can avail the 1&1 Ionos’ WordPress hosting in three plans. The first package named Essential costs $1 per month and $9 per month after 6 months. It offers 1 managed WordPress website, 25 GB storage, 2*1 GB MySQL database, 10 email accounts.

The price of the Business plan is $11 per month after $1 per month for 12 months. Here, one gets 2 managed WordPress websites, 100 GB storage, 100 email accounts, and 10*1 GB MySQL databases along with a free domain.

The Pro plan is good for those who are looking for several websites to be hosted. It costs $15 per month after $1 per month for 6 months. It allows up to 5 managed WordPress websites, 200 GB SSD storage, 50*1 GB MySQL databases and 500 email accounts.
Also, it contains SiteLock malware protection and RailGun content delivery network which caches and distribute the website across 62 data centers, so that users get lightning fast results from the closest server.

All the plans have some common features like free domains and automatic update installation which updates the latest version of WordPress automatically and keeps the website safe from malicious attacks, malware, and downtime.

1&1 IONOS Website Builder Review

Even a layman with no technical knowledge can create a website with the help of the 1&1 Ionos website builder.
It allows users to edit and modify according to their needs by simply dragging and dropping templates and User interface features.

Users can choose and add images, text, videos, etc. by their own choice.

Using this website builder, users get a lot of control over the options which help in the customization of colors, font size, text box, photo galleries, etc.

Social media widgets and multiple languages selection feature help in enhancing the look and feel of the website. It also offers a great feature called online scheduling which allows your clients to schedule appointments online.

1&1 IONOS E-commerce Website Builder Review

1&1 Ionos offers a superb feature for building eCommerce websites with just simple clicks which can be easily synchronized to popular e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon. The brand offers packages with its three types of plans.

In Essential package, they offer a free domain with responsive, attractive templates and step by step guidelines in just $20/month after $6 for 6 months. Business plan costs $30/month after $3 for 3 months. It contains all the services from the previous plan and offers integrated shipping services, comparison websites and marketing features & tools.

At last, Pro plan lets you enjoy all the above features along with an extra feature of online marketplaces where one can sell the products directly on Amazon and eBay.

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1&1 IONOS vServer (VPS) Hosting Review

VPS hosting of 1&1 Ionos offers excellent security, great customer support and pre-installed applications. The various plans consist of various features according to the price. The basic price starts with $5 per month for 6 months, after that $10 per month and provides 2 GB RAM, 80 GB storage and 2 vCores CPU.

The services are incremental according to the prices. The intermediate level plan costs $6 for 6 months. Subsequently, it is priced at $30 per month and offers the storage of 160 GB, 8 GB RAM, and 4 vCores CPU while the high-end one costs $40/month after $180 for 6 months and offers 6 vCores CPU, 240 GB storage and 12 GB RAM.

1&1 IONOS Domains Registration, Email & Security Review

  • Domain Names – Registering domain with 1&1 Ionos costs(.com) $1 for first year, then it is priced at $15 per year. With the registered domain, the company offers several services like SSL wildcard certificate, domain lock to ensure the domain’s security against hackers.
  • Professional Email Address – Professional email addresses associated with the domain contains the mailbox space of 2 GB which can be upgraded anytime.
  • SSL Certificates – They offer GeoTrust dedicated SSL certificates with two plans (Developer shared hosting and developer eShop package). If the customer does not have any of those plans, he/she can simply purchase it for $49 per year. Also, they provide site lock security for malware protection.
  • Norton Security Online – Norton security offered by 1&1 Ionos provides protection from virus, malware, and phishing to all the devices like PC, tablet, notebook, and smartphones. The cost of this service varies from $1.50/month to $5/month which contain automatic updates and ad-free facility.

1&1 IONOS Affiliate Programs Review

1&1 Ionos offers a great platform for earning money by their affiliate partner program. To earn a good amount of money, one has to register with AWIN or CJ affiliate by simply filling the registration form. Then, the banners, text links and interactive creative components should be added on the website of the affiliate so that the customer may click on those. Every time the affiliate gets a commission when a customer clicks on the banner and purchases any product from 1&1 Ionos website. If anyone has a website in any other country, it should also be added to the affiliate program to increase the chances or earning more.

1&1 IONOS Coupon Codes 2019

There are a plethora of coupons and promo codes available online through the main site and third parties, through which, a customer can avail discount or cash back for various offered services ranging from different hosting services to other services like security certificates, domain registrations, Norton security online, etc.

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Our Verdict

1&1 Ionos is one of the biggest web hosting platforms in Europe with over eight million clients. With a keen focus on the small and medium-sized businesses for more than thirty years, this Germany based web hosting company has come up with not only web hosting solutions and domain registration but also many advanced features like online marketing and search engine optimization tools.

1&1 Ionos keeps its customer satisfied with their impeccable personalized customer support service. This is in conjunction with their reliable payment system and faster speed & uptime has made them sustain success in the market for that long period. This web hosting platform is definitely worth a try.

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