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Twitter is yet another immensely popular social networking website that has transformed and given a new dimension to the way people communicate on the web. Essentially a micro-blogging website, Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey in March of the year 2006 and was launched in July of the same year. Twitter has over 500 million registered users who use it for connecting to the latest news, ideas, stories, and opinions in real time. Every registered user of this ever-expanding network is allowed to post a short piece of information, which is called a Tweet. A Tweet can have up to 140 characters but it this limit does not bind you down in any way. On the contrary, you, as a Twitter user, can do a lot more with your Tweets. You can share pictures and videos and can have conversations through your Tweets. Let us have a look at what more Twitter offers you and is it worth your interest.


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The whole success story of Twitter rests solely upon one single and straightforward question, which is, “What are you doing?” This is a simple yet brilliant concept, which has been handled exceptionally well by Twitter. It lets you tell the world what you are doing in 140 characters at a time. This seemingly small idea has grown into one of the biggest success stories of our times. In my opinion, Twitter deserves a perfect 10 for its superb concept.

Website Design

Just like Facebook, Twitter also believes in keeping things simple. The website design of Twitter stands testimony to this fact as it beautifully combines elegance and simplicity. The page has been kept clean and uncluttered. You will find everything that you need without having to search for it. You can quickly compose your Tweet(s) and post it. On the left side of the page, you can have a look at the recommendations for who you can follow on Twitter. You can even find friends and browse within various categories for finding out whom you want to follow. All these things make the design of Twitter pleasing and appealing to the eyes, and it deserves 10/10 for it.

Ease of Use

The huge user base of over 500 million that Twitter enjoys speaks volumes about its ease of use. The user interface is a breeze to use and can be used equally well by those who do not have any expertise in computers. Another beauty that makes Twitter so popular is the fact that it can be used very easily through mobile phones and other handheld gadgets. The short text form of a Tweet makes it ideal for cell phones. However, it could have been even better if the website incorporated a search box for Tweets.

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