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Best MySQL Hosting

Firstly the question arises what is precisely MySQL? And no doubt in that, which many would be confused about it. To make this clear MySQL was first created and launched on 23 May 1995. MySQL is open source software related to database creation and modification. Top 10 MySQL Hosting Providers lists the best service providers who provide these services.

Compare MySQL Hosting

Rank Web Hosting
Starting From
Disk Space Bandwidth Visit Review
1 BlueHost Review $4.95/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit BlueHost BlueHost Review
2 iPage Hosting Review $1.99/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit iPage iPage Review
3 FatCow Hosting Review $3.15/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit FatCow FatCow Review
4 IX Web Hosting Review $3.95/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit IX Web Hosting IX Web Hosting Review
5 InMotion Web Hosting Review $5.99/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit InMotion InMotion Review
6 HostGator Review $3.96/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit HostGator HostGator Review
7 JustHost Review $2.95/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit JustHost JustHost Review
8 HostMonster Review $4.95/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit HostMonster HostMonster Review
9 WebHosting Hub Review $4.99/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit Web Hosting Hub Web Hosting Hub Review
10 WebHosting Pad Review $1.99/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit Web Hosting Pad Web Hosting Pad Review

MySQL is world’s most famous open source DBMS which means Database Management System. And the MySQL Hosting has become even more popular among the people because of its exclusive usage rights. Being open source, it gives users a lot of administrator like rights which makes it the first choice for many users. Top 10 MySQL Hosting Providers brings such hosting providers who are based on MySQL platform.

The web hosting providers included in the list of Top 10 MySQL Hosting Providers have been included after lot many detailed discussions, opinions, and extensive surveys. The list consists of the hosting providers who are exclusively based on MySQL platform.

What are the various unique features of Top 10 MySQL Hosting Provider?

There are many unique features which are attributed to Top 10 MySQL Hosting Provider. And some of these unique features are listed as follows:

  • Open Source: The most innovative and fantastic feature of MySQL Hosting Provider is its open source nature. This open source gives the user extensive rights which can be compared to Administrator like rights. Due to this feature only it makes the extreme level of customization possible.
  • Reliable: Reliability is again an important aspect of this hosting service. It is highly reliable with its features and services.
  • Stable: Such type of hosting services which include open source platform like MySQL are highly durable and user-friendly. These can handle a significant amount of data and can perform excellent quality services to its users.
  • Customizable: Being an open source system take the customization and editing feature to a great new height and level.
  • Economical: Although it may sound technical because of the technical term the cost is very moderate. These services can be availed at a relatively modest price.

How to choose from Top 10 MySQL Hosting Providers?

There are many things going in mind when choosing from Top 10 MySQL Hosting Provider. This sometimes leads to great confusion and later leading to wrong decision making which individual regrets later on. Some of the points listed below are important to consider before choosing a service provider. These tips are as follows:

  • Compatibility: Before going for the final decision of choosing just make sure that you have checked your devices for the compatibility factor with MySQL platform.
  • Requirements: This is very important keeping in mind the amount to be paid for the services. If you are clear about your actual requirements, then you can choose well from the list and pay for only what you require.
  • Flexibility and Networking: Flexibility regarding networking is also essential for the proper working of the server. Check with the service providers who give such options.
  • Assistance: Assistance is very much necessary when starting off with server hosting and especially of MySQL platform. This is so because the user might get confused with all the features.
  • Budget: Last but not the least is the most important factor, and that is your budget. Money makes all the difference. Make up your budget and avail the services accordingly.

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