SingleHop Review

SingleHop Review

The Good: SingleHop is one the best hosting provider when it comes to dedicated web hosting. It is known for its web hosting services to corporate houses and big businesses. Their servers are considered to be one of the fastest and reliable servers.

The Bad: SingleHop charges you for priority ticket handling which is a significant setback regarding customer service.

The Verdict: SingleHop is a web hosting service provider for businesses and enterprises. The servers are quick. The Technical support is fantastic as all of you technical issues are taken care of on time. The uptime guarantee is 100% which makes SingleHop be one of the most trusted web hosting providers.

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Key Features of SingleHop

  • 100% Uptime
  • SingleHop claims to get your server online within 42 minutes, which is the quickest server set up by any web hosting provider.
  • Highly customizable plans regarding storage, CPU, bandwidth and data centre location. The customisations can be done by the user himself.
  • SingleHop has got four Data centres in Chicago, Phoenix and Amsterdam with a server capacity of 16,000 servers.

The master of All Corporate and Business Requirements

The company has got a customer base of 3500 which may seem small to many of the individuals, but since all of them are businesses and enterprises, it has reached a good client base. SingleHop has got a brilliant track record as far as uptime and reliability are a concern. SingleHop has provided 100% network uptime three years in a row.

SingleHop has got numerous plans in its kitty. You name it, and you find it!

The best selling plans for Dedicated Web Hosting

  • Intel Xeon E3-1230 @ $189 (Single Core Processor)
    (CPU Speed – 4×3.2GHz, RAM -8 GB DDR3, Driver – 1×500 GB SATA or 1×120 GB SSD, Bandwidth -10TB)
  • Intel Xeon E5-2620 @ $359 (Single Core Processor)
    (CPU Speed -6×2.0GHz, RAM-16 GB DDR3, Driver-1×1 TB SATA or 1×120 GB SSD, Bandwidth-10TB)
  • Intel Dual Xeon 5620 @ $349 Dual-Core Processor)
    (CPU Speed -8×2.4GHz, RAM-16 GB DDR3, Driver-1×1 TB SATA or 1×120 GB SSD, Bandwidth-10TB)
  • Intel Quad Xeon E5-4603 @ $821 (Quad Core Processors)
    (CPU Speed-16×2.0GHz, RAM-16 GB DDR3, Driver-1×1 TB SATA or 1×120 GB SSD, Bandwidth-10TB)

$99 for Dedicated Hosting with 100% guaranteed uptime

SingleHop has got numerous plans available starting from [badge bg_color=”red”]$99[/badge]. In $99 you would get the Intel ATOM 330 server, 2×1.6GHz CPU speed, 1×500 GB SATA or 1×120 GB SSD driver and the bandwidth of 10 TB. You also get an option to choose the location of your server. Considering the quality of service SingleHop provides, $99 plan is an option worth considering.

24/7 Customer support ensure nothing goes wrong

The great customer support of SingleHop is their valuable asset. They have developed the art of getting things done on time. They have managed to resolve the issues on time without any delay and have always met their SLA. The customer support executives are professional and supportive.

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