Netregistry Hosting Review

Good: Netregistry is among the oldest of web hosts in Australia and has hundreds of thousands of businesses under contract with it. It is also the largest registrar for domains in the country and has an exclusive contract with the Australian government to supply them with domains. With a reputation as reliable as this, Netregistry has done well in trying to expand its service features.

Bad: Netregistry’s customer service has received a lot of flak because of its lax attitude and unprofessional mannerisms. There are plenty of unhappy customers who never got their technical issues resolved or their contract amount refunded.

Verdict: Netregistry’s robust hardware and state of the art technology guarantee high uptimes and great speeds, both of which can be utilised by the end users. This also keeps it in the league of top web hosting provider in Australia.

Main Features

  1. Proven track record of providing fastest internet connectivity in Australia
  2. Unbeatable data storage space starting from 5 GB in the basic plan
  3. Lets you backup your data at your leisure
  4. DIY site builder to help you build your website from scratch
  5. 24/7 support through phone, email, chat and ticket system

Netregistry Hosting Plans

Netregistry Hosting Plans

Netregistry has been the pioneer in providing a full-service package for all your internet needs, from web hosting to domain names. It was also among the first Australian enterprises to offer load balancing by creating a data centre that relieves pressure from a single server, thus optimising speed and bandwidth.

The company has its data centres located at two world-class locations, Global Switch facility and Pegasus E3 data centre – both states of the art facilities are located in Sydney, Australia. With these two data centres, Netregistry has been able to offer increased reliability, network speed and connectivity. It also stands to benefit from the individual strengths of each of the data centres.

All systems and servers are under constant scrutiny so that any issues and faults can be immediately detected and resolved. Daily and weekly backups are created to keep everything up to date. Monthly backups are archived off-site so that you do not have to worry about losing space. The data centres have tight physical security to ensure your data and infrastructure remains completely safe from any intrusion.

Netregistry’s scripts and plugins are compatible with popular applications such as Drupal, WordPress, Magento and Joomla among many others. This saves you development time and gets your website up and running in record time.

You would be glad to know that Netregistry’s data centres are housed at the Global Switch data centre, the most reliable and coveted data centre in the Southern hemisphere. The data centre has the most advanced levels of redundancy to bring you faster connectivity. With these and many other features, Netregistry is the name to rely on.

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