Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Review

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Megaman Legacy Collection 2

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 – An Exciting Tryst into the Past


  • Four different Mega Man games in one would give you four times the excitement, especially if you did not get to play any of the past iterations.
  • There are some ingenious additions to make the game more palatable
  • Some of the levels have been remixed
  • Hardcore players will love the incredible challenges


  • It can be so difficult to play at times
  • May not be attractive to people who played the individual games in the past


Publisher: Capcom (Japan)

Platform(s): 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, Arcade, Android, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Game Gear, GameCube, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mobile phones, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayChoice-10, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Steam Machine, Wii, Wii U, WonderSwan, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xperia Play.

Release(s): August 2017


Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 has a slim selection of games. It includes four different Mega Man games – Mega Man 7 to 10 – some new concept art galleries and a few new and remixed stages and boss attacks. The game is based on a robot character named Rock, who was created by Dr Light and Dr Will, who was an assistant to Dr Light. Rock became the defender of the world against robot attackers.

Rock has the same characteristics all these games, making it easy to know what his abilities are as you move from one to the next. Whenever he deafest a boss, he gets to inherit their powers and uses them in subsequent fights.

Settings and characters

These games are linked together by their chronological numbering and old-fashioned complexity. They have the usual cast of weird robots, but the collection is comprised of some of the toughest games in the series, so be prepared for a challenging gameplay.

The group lacks features that appeal to modern gamers, given the old-school design, and this may not appeal to most.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2This game lacks some of the features that the previous collections had, such as “Save Anywhere”, “Instant Rewind” among many others. You may save your current game and then go back to some pre-determined spot, but that is all you get. Use the simpler Legacy Mode if you want to have more hits in each level.

List of characters

  • Rock – the protagonist robot that is fighting to save the world from marauding robots.
  • Enemy robots – a wide range of robots that attack the world
  • Bosses – there are many types of bosses in this collection

Game Scope

The levels of the game vary widely in design and visuals. One thing that is common in all these games is the punishing environment and challenges. This is a game ideally suited for masochists who enjoy getting their asses kicked.

Most critics say that there should have been some improvement in the environment, but keep in mind that you are still playing the past games, which have been bundled into a collection with a few added tidbits.

You do not have to go back to the beginning of a level when you die; you simply pick up and continue from that point – something that appeals to fans of the game.

Character Interaction

Rock is tasked to beat any attacking robots and their bosses. He can gather the bosses’ characteristics and use them in later fights. Being a first person shooting game leaves very little space for character or story development.

You only go from one level to another, destroying all robots and bosses that you meet, and find it increasingly difficult to do so. The characters were not designed to build a story, but to bring an adrenaline rush to the player.

This is a collection put together for players to remember the past and not have to move from one to another individually; they are all wrapped in one neat bundle.

Battle Design

This will depend on which of the bundled games you are playing. You simply get to shoot down robots and bosses and progress to the next level. Each level has its landscape challenges and enemies to defeat.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2The battles are pretty challenging so keep alert at all times for a melee attack. Weapons change from one level to the next and abilities can be earned or stolen from the enemy bosses.

Enemy Design

The toughest enemies in this collection are the bosses because they are pretty hard to kill. However, all other robots will die from a few accurate shots. Enemies come in various shapes and sizes, and with different abilities. You need to learn what each can do, so you are adequately prepared when you are fighting them.


Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is a challenging game – that is the first things that you should know, in case you have never tried any of the individual games in the past. The level design is straightforward, and you should not expect any twists and turns in the storyline; all you have to do is keep alive till you get to the end of the level. The game saves automatically, and you progress from the point of your defeat, rather than go back to the beginning. This is a collection that you should attempt, but be prepared for what you are getting into.

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