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The Best Joomla Hosting Providers 2023

Do you want to transfer your website to new Joomla web hosting provider? Or you are a new to web hosting and need help to settle on a web host? If you are anyone of these two and are having a tough time on settling down a Joomla web host, then read on to know which are the best Joomla Hosting Providers 2023 and what they have on board for you.

Joomla, is one of the best content management systems, have achieved recognition owing to its open source nature that can help you to manage your store inventory, can build a catalogue for the stocks and can do much more than all these. Read on about the 10 best Joomla Hosting Providers which is a list of best web hosts based on packages and services each has to offer its customers.

Find the List of Best Joomla Hosting 2023

Rank Web Hosting
Starting From
Disk Space Bandwidth Visit Review
1 BlueHost Review $4.95/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit BlueHost BlueHost Review
2 iPage Hosting Review $1.99/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit iPage iPage Review
3 FatCow Hosting Review $3.15/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit FatCow FatCow Review
4 IX Web Hosting Review $3.95/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit IX Web Hosting IX Web Hosting Review
5 InMotion Web Hosting Review $5.99/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit InMotion InMotion Review
6 HostGator Review $3.96/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit HostGator HostGator Review
7 JustHost Review $2.95/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit JustHost JustHost Review
8 HostMonster Review $4.95/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit HostMonster HostMonster Review
9 WebHosting Hub Review $4.99/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit Web Hosting Hub Web Hosting Hub Review
10 WebHosting Pad Review $1.99/mo Unlimited Unlimited Visit Web Hosting Pad Web Hosting Pad Review

How to choose best Joomla Hosting Providers?

The requirements differ across users, but there are some important guidelines that one must go for before deciding on best Joomla Hosting providers. Following are certain must-haves which include:

  • Compatible Hosting services
  • Security comes first
  • Appropriate Joomla Expert Support services

What are the basic requirements for Joomla Hosting?

  • PHP Version= 4.3.10: The best 10 Joomla Hosting providers meet this requirement as this is one of the essentials to have Joomla hosting. If your service provider, by any means, is not able to meet this requirement, you better switch to some other host.
  • MySQL Support: Joomla uses this as its database engine to store and recover data.
  • Zlib Compression Support: Joomla makes use of Zlib compression to set up extensions, and so if your server does not have Zlib Compression support, you cannot make use of the extension installer.

These few requirements are usually met by best Joomla Hosting Providers, but it is essential to cross check so that your website does not land up as being ‘good for nothing’.

Why Joomla is popular when it comes to content management system?

  • Powerful content management system
  • Many Plug-ins
  • Object-oriented programming methods
  • Best design patterns to store data
  • Lots of excellent features such as blogs, polls, etc
  • Quick Installation

Where to find best Joomla web hosts?

In this modern and internet world, you can find everything online. To locate best Joomla Hosting Providers all you need to do is to Google best host and read some reviews such as best Joomla Hosting service providers listed below. Doing some research online you’ll be able to locate best hosts offering best packages and services along with the cost that you’ll have to incur.

In the End

Eventually, the preference towards a web host depends on how dependable the web host is. A common measure to check the reliability of a web host is uptime together with support which is another important factor. These two factors play a key role while choosing best out of 10 best Joomla hosting service providers 2023 so that in case issues crop up; you get instant support to get your site back and running. So do some research and choose your Joomla web host today!

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