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Who you choose for hosting your website can be a tough decision. There are some things you may want to consider before you finally make your decision and settle down with an option. For most people, having the right kind of experience is paramount. So if you belong to this category too, IX web hosting is a must try. Here’s why it is among some of the best in the world.

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Best in Class User Experience

IX Web Hosting is not embarrassed to tell you that they had humble beginnings and hosted their first website from a server installed in a living room. From the time they first opened their doors in 1999, to the present day, they have come a long way. They know what goes into making a superior user experience and they are willing to work hard enough to give you just what you want. Today, they host about 470,000 websites and service clients from all over the world. User experience is one of the reasons behind that.

Customer Support

Have you ever had a customer support that is tailored to your specific needs? IX Web Hosting services offer you exceptional customer support that works around the clock to help you with everything you may want. Give them a call and find out how they uniquely try to offer you a truly personalised customer support. You are associated with a personal support agent the moment you sign up with the website. You can get in touch with this person anytime you experience any problems.

IX Web Hosting Price and Plans

No Risk Hosting

Unlike most other hosting services, which offer money-back guarantees with riders, IX Web Hosting services offer you a full week of free of cost trial hosting before you are billed. If you are not happy with their services, you are free to terminate the contract and walk away from it without having been charged. This limits the potential for disputes and problems. There are no riders and absolutely no fine print to this offer.


What is a web hosting service that does not conform to the latest technology? A hosting company should ideally be able to tap into the most recent available technologies to bring the best hosting services to their clients. Most hosting services boast of 99.9% uptime, but once you associate with them, you realise that there was not much substance to these claims. With IX Web Hosting, you get the promise of the maximum possible uptime and minimum data or bandwidth loss. They do not offer you any false numbers, but a tier 3 data centre, which is the epitome of hosting technology.

A Vibrant Community

The user community of IX Web Hosting services is a very vibrant and active one. When you associate with IX, you become a part of this community and get access to user forums where you can get in touch with others like you, who are hosting their websites and have their businesses. You can get in touch with other users and gain access to a wealth of knowledge related to successfully growing your website and your business.

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