iPage Web Hosting Review

If you are looking for affordable and competent options for web hosting, iPage web hosting is certainly the way to go. Managing your websites and webmail services was never this easy.

iPage Hosting Plan

  • $1.99/mo* (monthly plan)
  • 1 Free domain name
  • 24/7 Live chat (Response time less than two minutes)
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 30-day money backĀ 
  • Unlimited domains

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Range of Web Services

While iPage is known for its efficient web hosting services, their service package extends much beyond it. Once you sign up with iPage, you get access to a rather comprehensive control panel that lets you create a completely new website or enhance the one you already have. Besides the web development and design tools, you also get free credits for search engine marketing and advertising. You will get tools for optimising your website for search engines, in addition to scanning for malware and a host of web security applications. You can also get tools to back up your website as well as the rest of the content of your computer.

Complete Freedom

When you have access to your dashboard, there is no limit to what you can do. There is perhaps no other web hosting services that gives you this much flexibility to create what you want. This system is not only ideal for experts but can be comfortable for beginners and novices as well. With the simple site building wizard, you can create a beautiful website within minutes. Additionally, you can create your photo galleries and use multiple microblogging tools.

Excellent Support

What one of the major complains of web administrators is that they do not get appropriate support from their web hosting services. You will never have this problem with iPage. Once you place a call to the customer support, you are immediately connected to an agent and would be speaking to one in less than two minutes. This means no endless wait on the other side of the phone to sort out a technical issue that is costing you precious traffic. The customer support agents at iPage are recruited after rigorous testing and are trained well to handle a range of technical issues.


The biggest advantage of iPage is that your web services will be extremely reliable. This means that you will always get the fastest web services so that your website functions optimally. The loading times are much faster, and there is minimum wastage of bandwidth. The service interruptions would also be far and few in between.

Great Partnerships

When you choose to host your website with iPage, you get access to a myriad of efficient vendors. This means you can receive a lot of unbelievably great deals and receive a lot of free offerings. Some of the most trusted iPage partners include Yahoo, Google, Verisign and many more. These could all be of great advantage to you.


One of the chief concerns of webmasters is affordability of their hosting services. When you pay to have your website hosted, you expect a certain standard of quality. With iPage, you can be certain that your expectations will be completely met. They offer very reliable services and have a lot of tools to help you get the best possible user experience. For all of this, they charge much less than some of the other web hosts around.

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