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About Netorigin Hosting

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Based in Perth, Netorigin is a trusted web hosting company in Australia. Ever since its inception in 2010, Netorigin has set up all their data centers in the DCWest Data Centre in Perth, Australia, and has been providing fast and reliable service to its customers in Australia. The servers in their network provides a minimum connection speed of 100Mbit/s.

In its endeavor to keep even the smallest of business online, Netorigin provides customized and specialized solutions to varied needs of different e-commerce business owners and is constantly partnering with leading technology providers for bringing to the fore, the fastest hosting solution.

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Netorigin Hosting Details
Established: 2010
Key Features: 24Ă—7 Australian Support Team, Free SSL Certificate, Free cPanel Migration, 99.99% Speed & Uptime, 30 Days Money Back
Services: Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, High Performance Hosting, Domain Registration & Transfer, SSL Certificates
Support: 24/7 Email & Phone Support
Headquarter: Level 1, 234 Pier Street
Perth WA 6000, Australia
Affiliate Program: Yes

Pros and Cons of Netorigin Hosting

Let’s enlist some of the pros and cons of Netorigin:


  • Free migration of pre-existing websites and cPanel account.
  • Provides free SSL certificates.
  • 99.9% uptime for faster web client loads.
  • Backups are done daily.
  • 24X7 support across different channels, handled by the team based in Australia.


  • Support team is not multi-lingual and interacts only in English.
  • Customer can end up paying more via paypal.
  • Hosting options are LINUX based and doesn’t have Windows hosting options.

Netorigin Hosting Reviews in 2019

As part of the review for the year 2019 for web hosting platforms, will write about this Australian Web hosting company. Furthermore, we shall delve deeper in the technical aspects and the distinct features of Netorigin and enlist the pros and cons of it.

We shall also cover individual reviews for the major hosting services like the Managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, High-Performance Hosting, Domain Registration, Email hosting, SSL certificates, Affiliate/Partner Program along with their respecting prices and plans.

Netorigin hosting coupon codes will be mentioned along with the concluding verdict.

What is Netorigin and What they Provide?

An Australian web hosting company headquartered in Perth, Netorigin has been in the web hosting arena for more than eight years. The servers for Netorigin is housed in DCWest data center in Perth and Global Switch data center in Sydney. Moreover, four name servers are housed to run different redundant DNS to provide an additional benefit of serving from the closest server.

The web hosting services are tailormade for robust small businesses and personal websites alike. Specialized solutions are provided for managed WordPress hosting, web hosting, high-performance hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, SSL certificates. Besides the plethora of hosting options, Netorigin provides email hosting and domain registration too. Additionally, there is a partner program provision wherein one is paid commission for referring clients.

Being an Australian company, the entire customer support team is based down under and provides support across different communication channels like phone, chats and over mail, in neutral and familiar English accent.

Netorigin Features

Netorigin is one of the web hosting companies of high repute when it comes to their varied salient features especially with respect to their security, speed, uptime, payment, support amongst others.

  • Security – Tools like the CloudFlare CDN (content distribution network) and Railgun accelerator are included within Netorigin for a robust and tighter security system. Rapid SSL or Quick SSL Premium, Free SSL Certificates ensure that financial, personal and confidential data shared over the server is secure.
  • Speed & Uptime – Netorigin provides accelerated page loading times to ensure a server uptime of 99.99 % and 99.95 % for their web hosting and VPS hosting plans respectively.
  • Customer support – Support for customer is 24X7 across all communication channels like phone, chats and mail. Support staff is housed in Australia only and uses a neutral English accent to interact with customers. The company has published a bank of knowledge articles and guides so that tickets and issues can have a quick turnaround and resolution time.
  • Payment – Provision for free set up and migration is there for any website. In addition, a thirty days trial period also exists with 30 days money back guarantee. Subsequent plans are on a monthly, quarterly, biennial or triennial basis.

Netorigin Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Netorigin’s Managed WordPress Hosting consists of many distinct features to keep the theme files and the plugins updated. It helps the website to be extremely fast by optimal assignment of additional resources like RAM, CPU, disk 10 along with various caching technologies.

It comes with two types of plan. The first one is the Economy plan which is priced at 14.99$ per month, whereas the Professional plan is for 99.99$ per month.

The main difference between both the plans is that Economy plans provide 25 GB of SSD storage with one WordPress website whereas the Professional plan provides 50GB SSD storage with 10 WordPress websites.

There are some common features for all the plans, like unlimited bandwidth and free Comodo SSL, the PHP version selector where the versions can be selected as per the requirement from 5.3 to 7.1. In addition to these, it also gives multilayer security and updates by managing the WordPress updates with LFD, CageFS, CXS, mod_sec along with the regular virus scans to ensure website security.

It comes with almost 100% uptime SLA for high availability of the website. This hosting is equipped with its nightly offsite backups where the data is backed up every night.

Considering the features provided in the basic economy plan, this can be rated as 3.5 out of five.

Netorigin VPS Hosting Review

Netorigin’s Virtual Private Server is an excellent VPS hosting which allows distinct individuals to use the server all by themselves, thereby providing a greater control.

It comes with primarily three plans. The Economy Plan is priced at 174.99$ per month. In case someone wants to avail the Premium Plan or the Enterprise Plan, they would have to spend $229.99 per month and $299.99 per month respectively.

Irrespective of the plan, VPS Hosting includes certain common features like round the clock eTicket support to provide day and night assistance to the users, DDoS protection for an uninterrupted experience by its network filters, proactive VPS monitoring, and firewall installation & management.

Now, if we talk about the differences among the various plans, the Economy plan comes with 25GB SSD storage, 250GB bandwidth along with 1 vCPU Core and 1GB dedicated memory. The Premium plan allows up to 50GB SSD storage, 500 GB bandwidth, 2vCPU Cores, and 2GB dedicated memory. The Enterprise plan gives you 100 GB SSD storage with 1TB bandwidth whereas its dedicated memory is 6 GB and 3vCPU Cores.

Based on the different plans, their features and prices, this can be rated as 3 out of five.

Netorigin Web Hosting Review

Netorigin is the best place for Australian users as it has all its servers based in Australia itself. Netorigin’s web hosting plan comes with two plans, the Standard plan which costs $7.99 per month. It has provision for 200 GB bandwidth with 10GB SSD storage, that allows up to 10 websites. The second plan, which is named as the Elite plan costs $14.99/ per month and it comes with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites and 25 GB SSD storage.
Upgrading from one plan to another plan is extremely convenient.

A Netorigin user is always just a click away from installing any of the 170 free applications as per his or her requirements. Its PHP version can be upgraded easily from 5.3 to 7.1.

It provides almost 99.99% uptime SLA which makes the web client loads faster. It is also powered with superfast servers with Railgun and cloud flare CDN which allows the content to be delivered in a quicker manner. In addition to the above features, it allows one to create multiple email accounts.

Considering the gamut of features and the different plans that are available with their corresponding technical specifications, this can be rated as 3.5 out of 5.

Netorigin Reseller Hosting Review

Netorigin’s Reseller hosting allows you to create, customize and manage your own hosting plans as per your choice and convenience.

It’s cPanel aids in the migration of sites from the current host easily. Super specialized features like free SSL certificate, 99.99% guaranteed uptime, email accounts’ spam filtering mechanisms, nightly backups on a daily basis, unlimited email accounts are some of the key features that are part of this hosting.

Netorigin’s standard reseller hosting plan is priced at 29.99$ per month. 20GB SSD storage, 200GB bandwidth, and 30cPanel accounts are provided to customers who opt for this plan. A Slightly higher plan i.e. the Elite plan of this hosting priced at 49.99$ per month, comes with a broader range of services like 50 GB SSD storage and 100 cPanel accounts along with unlimited hosting bandwidth.

Free Comodo SSL, one-click install, uptime guarantee and spam filter on email accounts are some of the features that are provided irrespective of the plans one uses.

Also, there is a special offer of 30% off when one prepays for 3 years.

With a dedicated 24×7 support team to resolve tickets coupled by a 30-day money back guarantee along with the plethora of features offered at a reasonable price, Netorigin’s reseller hosting is definitely worth purchasing.

This can be rated as 3.5 out of 5.

Netorigin High Performance Hosting

High-Performance hosting is essentially extending the Web Hosting plans to enhance and optimize performance. Netorigin provides the latest technology in this hosting to make the websites load faster and make sure that the working environment is all secured.

Netorigin’s high performing Accelerated plan is equipped with some of the interesting caching features like Lite mage Page cache, LS Cache, multilayer security, which scans viruses at frequent intervals and a user-friendly control panel.

Its Accelerate plan costs $69.99 per month with a 30-day money back guarantee. The plan allows up to 25GB SSD storage and one website with unlimited bandwidth. It gives 300% CPU and 6 GB memory along with a dedicated IP address.

The price per month for this hosting plan is on the higher side when compared to its peers and the features offered.
This can be rated as 3 out of 5.

Netorigin Domain Registration

One of the leading domain registration websites in Australia, Netorigin has an array of salient features. It provides free DNS hosting, besides providing DNS management tools that helps you to add or remove DNS records as per your requirement.

In addition, you don’t have to wait for your website to be online as it’s instant activation feature activates the domain names instantly. It has a wide range of available domain registrations, not just the Australian ones but also the regional, global and other unique ones.

The price of these domains varies from $12.99 per year to $39.99 per year.

With its reasonable price and strong presence in Australia, this can be rated 3.5 out of 5.

Netorigin Email Hosting Review

Email hosting of Netorigin predominantly works on a special email infrastructure, which provides features like blacklist and SPAM protection.

The business class email hosting of Netorigin helps you to access your contacts 24/7 on any device so that business remains uninterrupted. It provides unlimited contacts. Customers are given the options to choose their own IMAP & POP.

The basic email hosting plan includes 5 Email accounts, 5 calendars, 5GB total storage, and unlimited contacts while the medium level plan which is called Group plan allows 10 Email accounts, 10 calendars and 20 GB storage. The Business plan contains more advanced features wherein you get 25 Email accounts, 25 calendars along with 100 GB total storage and unlimited contacts which can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Around the clock phone support by local Australian staff, daily nightly backups, 99.99% guaranteed uptime, attractive and easy user interface are some of the services which you get almost free with any of the services of Netorigin and Email Hosting is no exception.

With the various plan available, Email hosting can be used specifically to one’s business needs. Hence, this can be rated 3.5 out of 5.

Netorigin SSL Certificates

Netorigin’s 256-bit SSL encryption is offered by Comodo with Email verifications. This service allows to keep data and information private and encrypted so that confidential data like bank details, addresses & contacts are safe and secure.

Four plans exist for SSL certificates that offer 256-bit SSL encryption, email verification, a minimum 10,000$ warranty, and browser independent trust.

The basic Positive SSL plan costs 39.99$. Higher priced plans are the Premium SSL plan which costs 119.9$ per year, the Wildcard costs 249.99$ and the Premium EV costs 299.99$ per year.

There are varied options to choose from for this with regards to feature and price, hence can be rated four out of five.

Netorigin Affiliate/Partner Program Review

As per the Affiliate/ partner program of Netorigin, one can earn by referring clients. The brand gives a sales commission of 25%, to the referee till the customer account exists.

Joining bonus of 15% is another lucrative offer. Payments are done through PayPal or directly in the account each month. Netorigin gives pay-outs for both SSL sales and hosting. Moreover, it is not at all mandatory to have an existing hosting service to join the partner program. So, it is a lucrative proposition to join Netorigin’s affiliate/partner program.

This can be rated as four out of five.

Netorigin Coupon Codes 2019

Coupons – There are some coupon codes available through which one can avail discounts. For example, the discount code ’30OFF’ can be used for thirty percent discount while availing e-mail hosting services. Similar coupons for discount are present for various other hosting options.

Our Verdict

To summarise, the shared hosting plans offered by Netorigin are extremely reasonable, especially if one takes into consideration the array of features that is included with it. The Cloudflare CDN and Railgun accelerator combination not only ramp up the website’s loading times to a large extent but also provides essential security mechanisms with their free SSL certificate and data backups tools.

Despite features like cPanel, the pricing for the VPS hosting plans is on the higher side.

When one adds the 24×7 customer support, and thirty days money back guarantees to the array of features for security and speed, Netorigin is a hosting platform worth a try.

Hosting Price


$7.99/mo $7.99


$14.99/mo $14.99


$00/mo $174.99


$29.99/mo $29.99

Server Locations

  • Australia

Server OS

  • Windows
  • Linux

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