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About Liquid Web Hosting

Liquid Web is a hosting company founded in 1997 by Matthew Hill that offers plenty of services.

The company has three data centers located in Lansing, Michigan, and another one in Scottsdale, Arizona. Recently, they opened another one in Amsterdam.

This company truly feels that they offer the most helpful individuals to help their customers. In order to get the most for your needs, they expand the services they provide, thus upping the number of people needed in order to help their growing customer base.

To date, Liquid Web has received the INC. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies award for nine consecutive years (2007-2014).

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Liquid Web Hosting Details
Established: 1997
Key Features: 24×7 Phone & Chat Support, 100% Uptime Guarntees, Fully Managed Hosting
Services: WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, Cloud Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Email Hosting
Support: 24/7 Live Chat, Email & Phone Support – 800.580.4985
Headquarter: Michigan, USA
Affiliate Program: Yes

Pros and Cons of Liquid Web Hosting


  • Liquid Web is very fast
  • Their customer service is top notch
  • 100% Uptime Guaranteed
  • The best high-quality hardware available online
  • Daily backup service provided for the server
  • Control panel is professional looking and easy to use


  • They are on the expensive side
  • They have a considerable amount of upsells
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Liquid Web Hosting Review 2022

In this Liquid Web review, you will learn what exactly Liquid Web is and what they provide.

We will give a detailed description with a review of each of the services that they provide.

Each review will list the prices of each plan.

At the end of this review, you will be provided with coupon codes to use should you be interested in any of their services.

We will also give our verdict on Liquid Web.

In the comments section, you will be able to provide comments and ask questions about this hosting company.

What is Liquid Web and What Do They Provide?

Liquid Web provides a variety of services, from dedicated hosting to VPS hosting. The company is dedicated to providing the best services.

Other services they provide are custom hosting solutions and cloud sites.

In their product portfolio, you may also select Managed WordPress or Managed Woo Commerce hosting.

Currently, this company provides services for over 30,000 customers. The company is active in over 160 countries.

At this time, Liquid Web has 500,000+ sites under management. They also have well over 500+ hosting professionals on site.

Liquid Web is big on customer service. They take great pride in offering premium customer support that is available 24/7/365.

The mission of this web hosting company is simple: Empowering Web Professionals Worldwide.

They also hire over 250 administrators, engineers, and technicians. They all have one goal- to make your life easier so you can focus on your work.

Key Features

Liquid Web has many key features that make it very successful.

Feature #1: 30 Minute Hardware replacement guarantee

This guarantee will ensure that faulty hardware will be replaced within half an hour after it has been detected.

Should it take longer, the company will credit your account 10X the extra amount.

Feature #2: Support is huge for Liquid Web

Customer support can be reached every single day of the year through ticket, email, phone, or online chat.

They also have a knowledgebase full of tutorials and support tools, like SSL tool and IP checker.

They have a 59-second initial response guarantee on phone calls, their help desk(email), and online chat.

If they do not initially respond to your help desk ticket in half an hour, they will credit your account 10X the amount they missed it by.

Feature #3: High Security

Liquid Web believes highly in security. Scans for viruses are made available, and they provide SSL certificates.

They make it a top priority to keep your financial information secure, as well as your customer’s information.

Feature #4: 100% Uptime Guarantee

If Liquid Web does not maintain a 100% uptime, the company will credit your account 10X the downtime.

Liquid Web Dedicated Hosting Review

Liquid Web provides dedicated hosting services for CentOs, Ubuntu, CloudLinux, and Windows.

Each dedicated hosting plan comes with 24X7 Proactive Sonar Monitoring and ServerSecure Hardening.

Dedicated hosting is perfect for those that want tailored security. Liquid Web is HIPPA compliant, as well as PCI compliant.

At any time, you can upgrade your server or add hardware that is needed. These means are you able to host as many websites are you like.

There are single processor plans and Dual processor plans. Singles start at $199, with a bundle and save option. Duals processor plans start at $399 per month.

DDoS and CDN protection is offered on dedicated hosting at no extra charge. Liquid Web realizes these are things that you need in order to run your business successfully.

Dedicated hosting options include self-managed, core managed, and fully managed. Liquid Web will also not charge any setup fees. Servers are set up within 24 to 48 hours.

All dedicated servers come with root access, IPMI access, backup drive, a dedicated IP address, and ServerSecure Advanced security.

Uptime is 100% for high performance. Dedicated servers are great for those with high traffic, database hosting, reseller hosting, and file server hosting.

Their dedicated hosting plan can be rated as a four and a half out of five.

Liquid Web Cloud VPS Review

Cloud VPS services are perfect for small to medium-sized businesses and offer a lot of benefits.

They are very cost-effective and are highly secure. They have SSH and Root access.
All of Liquid Webs Cloud VPS services come with CloudFlare CDN, built-in backups, and DDoS Attack Protection.

Their security system is enhanced with ServerSecure to help block any access to those that should not have access.

All Cloud VPS services have 10 TB bandwidth and have cPanel or Plesk Onyx. Plans start at $59 per month. Their cheapest plan works only for Linux, but the other plans work for both Linux and Windows.

Liquid Web has faster VPS hosting than other sites, such as Digital Ocean or AW. Cloud Spectator, a 3rd party cloud analytic firm, shows Liquid Web 200% faster.

If you choose Linux for your cloud VPS, you will see your server online in as little as 15 minutes once your order has been verified with Liquid Web.

For those using Windows, it will take slightly longer, up to one or two hours before the server is online.

You may also upgrade your VPS server as you need to. If you have a sudden growth, you can scale up to accommodate your clients.

This can be rated as a three out of a five.

Liquid Web Cloud Dedicated Review

Cloud dedicated servers have flexibility and instant provisioning of a cloud platform but have the processing power and resources of dedicated servers.

All plans have a dedicated IP address, Gigabit Uplink, DDoS protection, Cloudflare CDN, and Root access.

Liquid Web Cloud Dedicated servers start at $189 per month. They are available in single or dual processors.

They offer CentOS 6, CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Debian 7, Debian 8, Fedora 24 Server, and Windows Server 2016 Standard operating systems.

All of Liquid Web’s Cloud Dedicated servers are fully managed. They come with a choice of cPanel/WHM or Plesk control panel.

Liquid Web’s Cloud dedicated servers can be rated as a four and a half out of five.

Liquid Web Private Cloud Review

Private Clouds have the power, security, and performance of an isolated infrastructure.

They give all the benefits of a traditional public cloud. For every client served, a vCenter will be dedicated to them.

Liquid Web supports Windows Server 2012 and 2016, CentOS 6 and 7, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and 16.04.

There are several plans and prices available for Private Clouds. They start at $2499 per month. There is a setup fee that is equal to one month’s payment.

Liquid Cloud does not require a contract to be signed. However, they do offer 12 or 24-month contracts.

If needed, they do have additional storage available for purchase at .30/GB. Private Clouds can be rated as a three and a half out of five.

Liquid Web WordPress Hosting Review

Liquid Web offers WordPress hosting with several benefits. These benefits include:

No traffic limits or page views
You will never be charged for pageview counts or overage fees.

Automatic Daily backups
Daily backups are done and stored for 30 days. You can download or restore them with a click of a button.

Full server access
You have full access to the server, as well as the database. Other hosting companies limit the access that is given.

Amazing Speed
Liquid Web uses SSL, Nginx, and PHP7 to make WordPress hosting fast.

Developer Tools
On any site, your developer will have access to Git, SSH, and WP-CLI.

Liquid Web has partnered with iThemes Sync Pro. With this partnership, you will be able to:

  1. Control what your clients see in WP-admin.
  2. Track and view Google analytics.
  3. Check SEO status of posts.
  4. Monitor site uptime/downtime.

There are many different plans and pricing for WordPress hosting. These plans start at $99 per month.
Each plan offers a specific amount of sites that can be used.

All three packages include 5 TB bandwidth and iThemes sync.

Liquid Web also has Enterprise sites that start at 100 sites. They offer more storage to build your sites and start at $575 per month.

It can be rated as a four out of a five.

Liquid Web Managed WooCommerce Hosting Review

Liquid Web offers a variety of WooCommerce hosting plans to help you start selling.

All of the plans include a free SSL certificate, Abandoned Cart by Jilt, and the standard page builder plan by Beaver Builder.

There are many different plans to pick from. If you are just starting, plans start at $39 per month. If you already have a site, plans start at $249 per month.

Liquid Web has a platform designed for fast load times. Sites will load two to tens of times faster than when using other WordPress sites.

And they use Jilt, which means you will not lose revenue from abandoned carts as easily.

Liquid Web really stands out for its WooCommerce hosting. They offer more than 20 performance tests to help your site with high traffic.

Every store will come with a variety of features. These include thousands of themes, a responsive design, staff accounts, and custom fields.

Other features include image support, store management, and product catalogs.

You will also be able to use product variation, which only counts the item as one. This is helpful when you offer the same product in different colors.

SEO will also be offered on this WordPress platform through clean URLs, keyword indexing, sitemaps, product schema, and more.

The WooCommerce plan can be rated as a four and a half out of five.

Liquid Web Email Hosting Review

Liquid Web currently has three email hosting plans available. These plans start at $1 per mailbox.

You will not have to worry about spam with your email. Liquid Web has you covered.

As an added plus, they will not charge you extra hidden fees. There are no domain charges, and you will not be charged for large attachments.

They also offer a 100% uptime guarantee.

Many choose Liquid Web email hosting as they do not have to troubleshoot or manage email servers. Plus, email can be accessed through mail clients, webmail, and mobile.

You will also not have to pay for licensing fees for anti-spam or anti-virus software.

Other features for mailboxes include custom email filtering, Outlook auto-setup, free user alias, online editing of a document, and active directory.

Liquid Web Email hosting can be rated as a four out of five.

Liquid Web Cloud Sites Review

Cloud sites are perfect for managing your clients. You can provide customers with a dashboard to view their web usage statistics.

When launching a site, you may also provide an instant preview link for your customers.

As there is a platform of servers with multiple computers, there is never any downtime. Cloud sites will always be online.

Cloud sites are very reliable and super secure. You can manage your site with little effort, and sites will launch quickly.

There is also no messing around with learning cPanels or server management. All of this will be taken care of by your hosting company.

Based on never having any downtime and other specifics, this can be rated as a four and a half out of five.

Liquid Web Custom Solutions Review

Customize your hosting based on what you need, no matter what type you have i.e, cloud, dedicated, virtual, or hybrid.

Liquid Web provides managed back up, high availability, load balancers, security, databases, file replication, and disaster recovery.

Utilize custom solutions for your unique projects. Based on your needs, Solution Architects can build and test out your hosting environment.

Let Liquid Web consult with you, so they understand your business goals and your technical requirements.

They can migrate an infrastructure that is elsewhere, so this is not a burden placed on your team and make sure that you are online.

Liquid Web is PCI and HIPPA compliant.

As Liquid Web provides hosting based on what the customer needs, it can be rated as a four out of five.

Liquid Web Hosting Services Review

With Liquid Web hosting services, you can rest assured that your data is stored and backed up, so you never have to worry about it being lost.

You will also receive the fastest service with Cloudflare CDN and Akamai CDN. Customers’ experiences will be better as the load time will be slower.

Software services, such as Plesk and iThemes are available for Liquid Web hosting services. All of this software allows you to take control of your server.

Security will be top-notch with firewalls and VPNs, as well as web application protection, DDoS attack prevention, and Data Protection.

Liquid Web hosting services can be rated as a four out of five for being so fast and having the top-notch security that is needed.

Liquid Web Hosting Coupon Codes 2022

  • $49 off any VPS Plan using code BINGO49
  • 50% off 2 months WordPress hosting using code FASTMWP50
  • 33% off 3 months WordPress hosting using code WORDPRESS33
  • 50% off one month Managed VPS Hosting using code STARTVPS50
  • 38% off 4 months dedicated hosting using code ADVICE38
  • 38% off all products for 3 months using code LWC38OFF
  • 69% off sitewide for 3 months using code WPBEGINNER69OFF
  • $149 off Storm dedicated servers using code SCALEUP
  • 66% off 3 months on Cloud sites using code CLOUD51
  • 33% off 3 months VPS hosting using code 33YEAREND
  • 40% for 3 months on VPS Plans using code WINTERSPECIAL (new customers only)
  • Unlimited sites for $51 per month for 3 months using code CLOUD51

Liquid Web Partners Program Review

Liquid Web Partner Community Program was established to help their partners grow and succeed in their business.
Liquid Web is able to do this with their steadfast experience and support within their cloud hosting.

These programs all offer a dedicated hosting adviser, free migration services, access to architects and engineers on large deals, special offers, a partnership community directory listing, and much more!

Liquid Web Affiliate Program Review

Liquid Web’s Affiliate program can earn a member up to $1500 per sale. There are two different affiliate programs: CJ Affiliate and Impact Radius.

CJ Affiliate is one of the top global platforms in affiliate marketing. Trusted 3rd party tracking is used, as is real-time reporting. Monthly commission payments are made.

Impact Radius offers web hosting credits as a payment option. This is an in-house platform, providing affiliates with multiple performance-advertising campaign options.

Under the affiliate program, you can earn money in a variety of ways.

One way is to affiliate links with your blog. You can also refer a business associate to make a commission.

Or you may refer clients to Liquid Web. You will also have the opportunity to use the “powered by” logo.

Once a sale has been completed after a visitor clicks on your link, your commission will be added to your account. You will be able to see this once you have logged into your account.

Liquid Web Referral Program Review

The referral program through Liquid Web is a profitable way to make some extra cash!

The sales and support team can help you learn how to use the referral program, and also assist in enhancing your business with referrals.

You will be able to engage with Liquid Web’s sales professionals while introducing your customers to them.

You will also receive sales, training, and marketing resources. You will also have access to special offers during the year to help you bring more customers to Liquid Web.

Liquid Web Reseller Hosting Review

Through Liquid Web Reseller Hosting, you can successfully start or grow your business.

Resellers can purchase hosting products at a discount. Discounts start at 5% with monthly revenue of $250-$500 and go up to 20% with a monthly revenue of $15,001+.

Many love how setup tools are provided with the reseller hosting plan.

These tools include a free WHMCS license, a free WHMCS Plugin for Cloud Products, and free standard SSL for customer protection.

With the WHMCS Plugin, you will have a fully automated deployment, which can be created automatically. They can also be canceled in this manner.

Your customers will have complete control over reboots, restores, complete management, and more.

Customizable instance sizes are available to add further value to your customer’s experience.

You also get 24/7 support every single day of the year.

You will be able to resell dedicated servers, cloud VPS hosting, private VPS parent, and cloud sites.

Our Verdict

We feel that Liquid Web is a trustworthy web hosting company to do business with. After all, many top companies, such as Audi, Porsche, Red Bull, and Mayo Clinic, place their trust in them.
We appreciate that Liquid Web uses privately owned and operated data centers with on-site security.

Customer service cannot be beaten. It feels that they only hire the best of the best to assist their customers.

While they have a steeper price tag, the price you pay is well worth it in the end.

Liquid Web is a company that you can trust with all your hosting needs.

Hosting Price


$99/mo $99


$39/mo $39

Cloud VPS

$59/mo $59


$199/mo $199

Email Hosting

$1/mo $1

Server Locations

  • United States
  • Netherlands

Server OS

  • Windows
  • Linux

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