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About FatCow Hosting

Established in 1998, FatCow is a web hosting platform that has been in the scene for more than two decades. It has its data centers located in Boston, USA which consist of approximately 800 servers.

The brand FatCow is now operated by Endurance International Group (EIG) since its acquisition in 2004. Its range of web hosting plans is quite simple to understand as it mainly focuses on beginners’ level, web developers, bloggers, and small-scale businesses. In order to provide security to its servers, it has installed two firewalls.

It is a renowned brand in terms of simplicity and rapidly becoming the first choice of beginners because of the same.

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FatCow Hosting Overview
Website: www.fatcow.com
Established: 1998
Key Features: FREE Domain Name, Unlimited mailboxes, Integrated Themes & Plugins, FREE Domain Transfer, Up to 60% Faster, Money-Back Guarantee
Customer Support: 24/7 Live Chat, Email & Phone Support – 1-888-278-9780
Headquarter: Boston, USA
Affiliate Program: Yes

Pros and Cons of FatCow Hosting

Some of the key pros and cons of FatCow are listed below:


  • Offers excellent tools for beginners.
  • One of the cheapest web host.
  • Free domain names.
  • Free Migrations.
  • Eco-friendly servers powered by renewable energy.


  • No free upgrades.
  • Limited range of plans.
  • Extra charges on early cancellation.

FatCaow Hosting Review 2020

FatCow Hosting Coupon Code

In continuation of the web hosting platform’s review for the year 2020, we will write and review extensively about a web hosting company named FatCow that has been in the web hosting arena for close to two decades.

We shall accentuate the key technical aspects along with some of the important features of FatCow and enlist the pros and cons of it.

Some of the major and key web hosting services like WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, Domain registration, and Email services shall be covered on an elaborate basis along with their respective prices and plans.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Try FatCow.

What is FatCow and what they provide?

FatCow is a web hosting brand, established in 1998, with its headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It has two data centers in Boston, Massachusetts.

It is now operated by Endurance International Group which has several other web hosts under its group like HostGator, Bluehost, iPage and Arvixe.

In the market for more than twenty years, it has constantly been focusing on the needs of the small and medium-sized industries, beginners’ level, web developers, and bloggers.

They provide VPS hosting, shared, and dedicated hosting. Apart from it, they have various services like Website management, E-mail services, Domain services, E-commerce services, etc. Despite having a great bunch of services, they have only one type of plan, i.e. original FatCow hosting plan, which costs only $4.08 per month. The plan is full of many super features and services, i.e. Search engine marketing, website builder, domain name, disk space, etc.

Key features

Choosing FatCow can be your smart and great decision as this web host is a perfect compilation of some of the great features as listed below.

Eco-friendly – FatCow claims to be eco-friendly as all its offices and premises are powered by renewable energy. By doing so, FatCow prevents 999 metric tons of carbon dioxide from dissolving into the air.

Security – FatCow uses the Sitelock security feature, which provides great protection to the websites against malware, cyber-attacks, and more.

Speed & Uptime – The hosting operates on an infrastructure which helps in enhancing the speed of the website. It uses high-speed SAN storage also, which improves website performance. The average uptime of FatCow hosting is 99.85% – 99.9%.

Customer support – Contacting FatCow is just that simple due to its various options and channels like chat support, phone support, and online form submission, which helps you to contact the customer team right when you feel free.

Payment – To make a payment, one is asked basic details like name, address, contact, etc. along with the credit card details. It also has a PayPal facility for the same. In addition, the brand assures you a 30-day money-back guarantee if one is not satisfied with the services.

FatCow Hosting Original Plan Review

Original FatCow plan is a package of features and services offered by the brand. It costs $4.08 per month and allows users to enjoy multiple services on a single platform. It includes unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, a free domain name with unlimited POP mailboxes. Also, it has search engine marketing, FTP users, and sub-users included.

One can choose and build a website of his/her choice with a few clicks without having any technical experience. An armful of tools is also offered to help in online selling along with an application install wizard, which helps the user in adding various applications to the website. One can grow one’s business and increase the reach to the new customers by using its marketing tools. As always, the customer support team assists the customers at every step.

Additionally, the plan comes with a thirty-day money-back guarantee wherein the entire amount I refunded if the customer isn’t satisfied with the services.

FatCow Hosting WordPress Hosting Review

FatCow’s WordPress hosting is available in two plans which have different services up to different limits and extension. The first word press Starter plan starts with $3.75 per month and includes a Core hosting plan, preinstalled handpicked themes & plugins, and standard support. The customized control panel makes the work convenient.

The second one, named WP Essential, costs $6.95 per month and contains the same core hosting plan, customized control panel, etc. but ends up with some extra features like super speed, enhanced security, and support from WP experts. It includes integrated themes and plugin, SSD based super speed infrastructure, and deluxe security bundle. It can be a perfect choice for those who are seeking a long-term WordPress hosting.

Also, both the plans have some common services, i.e. free domain, unlimited bandwidth, and disk space, so that users do not have to worry about storage. Unlimited email accounts feature helps you work hassle-free. Apart from that, the plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if one is not satisfied with the offered services.

High-end infrastructure, coupled with key essential salient features like high end secured systems, free domains, and unlimited bandwidth, FatCow makes WordPress site performance excellent and enhanced.
This can be rated as three out of five.

FatCow VPS Hosting Review

VPS hosting offered by FatCow is packed with some great features like it offers an IP address and unlimited data transfer monthly. Also, a cPanel installation is provided by the brand. VPS hosting of FatCow allows users to choose among three plans, which consist of different facilities. The first, Basic plan has 1-Core CPU, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB storage, and 1 TB Bandwidth with a price tag of $19.99 per month. The second, Business plan costs $ 47.99 per month and contains features like 2-Core CPU, 4 GB RAM, 90 GB storage, and 3 TB Bandwidth.

The third one named Optimum plan has some of the high-end features as 4-Core CPU, 8 GB RAM, 120 GB storage, and 4 TB Bandwidth. It is suitable for the sites which have traffic of approx — five thousand visitors per day. Now, if we talk about the common features which all of the above plans consist, the first is IP address, which is 1 in the basic plan, whereas the other two have 2 IP addresses. Rest features are free domains, CentOS 6.4, and cPanel, which come in all the plans.

Considering all these features in the offered price, the VPS hosting can be rated three and a half out of five.

FatCow Dedicated Hosting Review

Creating a website on a dedicated server of FatCow can be a smart decision as the server is configured with many likable services that can suit your business accordingly, whether it is a small business or large-scale business.

The startup plan is suitable for beginners and small websites, which costs $119.99 per month and offers 2 cores CPU, 4 GB RAM, 5 TB of bandwidth, and 500 GB storage. It provides 3 IP addresses also. The second (Professional plan) comes with 8 GB RAM, 4 cores CPU, 1000 GB of storage, and 10 TB network bandwidth. The third plan (Enterprise plan) facilitates you with 4 cores CPU, 1000 GB of storage, 16 GB RAM, and 15 TB of bandwidth. The Enterprise plan is best for the businesses which are growing continuously and contains a high volume of traffic.

Apart from that, the dedicated hosting of FatCow includes free domain registration, free marketing credits, personalized email, and 24*7 customer support.

FatCow Domain Registration Review

FatCow offers over 300 new domains which are available on first come first serve basis only. It has various plans like Pre-registration which lets you register the domain even before it is made available for sale.

Early Access Period is available only for a few domain extensions during which one can get his domain registered on a first-come, first-serve basis but seven days before new TLDs General Availability. Priority Pre- Registration allows us to register the domain even before the Pre-registration period, and when you are a Trademark Holder, you get the first chance getting the domain registered, but you must validate with the Trademark Clearinghouse.

FatCow Email Service Review

FatCow’s email service comes with two types of plans.

The G Suite plan costs $5.00 per month, which is specifically built for teams and businesses. It allows to access Gmail at the registered domain with 30 GB storage, push notifications, and shared calendars. Also, one can access, edit, and share the files anytime, anywhere, with google drive access.

The second plan, called MS Exchange 2013, is built keeping in mind the needs of Outlook users and small-midsized businesses. It costs $12.95 per month and provides a free desktop license, which lets you access your email, schedule, and contacts from any computer.

30-Day free trial offers. Try FatCow.

FatCow Coupon Codes 2020

Some Coupon codes are available through which discounts of up to 70% can be availed on services like basic hosting, VPS, WordPress etc.

Our Verdict

If one must summarize in a nutshell, the web hosting plans that are offered by FatCow are limited in number but reasonable, considering the fact that the server speed and uptime ranges between 99.85% – 99.9%. and high SAN storage.

Additionally, new technologies like the Sitelock ensure that the sites are secure. These arrays of features are supported by newer and advanced technologies along with easy to use tools for beginners.

A summation of all these salient features of FatCow categorically designed for higher security and speed, along with with round the clock customer support, makes FatCow a must try web hosting platform.

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