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FutureHosting Review

The Good: FutureHosting offers a content delivery network system, dedicated servers, hybrid servers, and Virtual Private Servers.

The Bad: The Company does not offer telephone support. No toll-free number is available for customer service.

The Verdict: By utilising the innovative HSPC order, billing and support system, Future Hosting is by far the leader in backend web hosting management. The company has built a strong name for its premium customer service, ground-breaking pricing models, and exceptional Service Level Agreement.

Key Features

  • Full root access
  • Servicing 5 Geographic Locations across the globe
  • Free of charge setup
  • Custom Reverse DNS via client portal
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Future Protect Backups
  • Committed Server and CDN service.

Strong Foundation in Web Hosting Services

Founded in 2001, FutureHosting is a privately held leading Internet Solutions provider focussing on managed hosting which consists of both Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers. FutureHosting specialises in VPS technology and caters to SMB and enterprises around the globe. At present, FutureHosting services five cities across the world for a geographically varied infrastructure.

Array of Hosting Options

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Managed and Unmatched VPS
  • Hybrid VPS
  • No Control Panel VPS
  • Tomcat Application Server
  • JBoss Application Server
  • GlassFish Application Server
  • Cloud Delivery Network
  • Network Test Files

Unmatched Customer Support Service

FutureHosting offers 24×7 customer support via their ticket system. With at least one level 3 tech working 24/7, clients can expect their issues, from basic to complex, resolved promptly and at all hours of the day.

Go Global Initiative – Worth Checking Out

The GO GLOBAL initiative started by Future Hosting endows users with an exceptional prospect to opt the location of their hosting services, ensuring that the customers are provided with the best possible ping times and website access.

Guaranteed Safety Of The Data

Best of all, while choosing a VPS solution, clients are backed by FutureHosting’s data protect the program, a pioneering data safety service developed solely for Future Hosting clientele. Using Continuous Data Protection technology, Future Hosting protection plan produces complete backup every two hours. The data is then encrypted and archived on a remote backup server.

Performance to be envied of

The company’s hosting services are something to be proud of, thanks to its terrific network up time of up to 99.9% and well-trained staff who look after their clients’ needs effectively. The future host has steadily grown since inception over the years and is famous in the hosting industry as one that offers clients a plethora of hosting services to select from. Some of the features that the hosting company offers include the option of choosing between using a Plesk or a c Panel. Users can also take pleasure in great bandwidth and disk space together with the support of a wide range of programming languages such as Perl, Python, and CGI.

The Great Plans and Prices Include

1. Virtual Private Servers available at:

  • $17.47/month for 512MB RAM with 10GB disk
  • $26.95/month for 512MB RAM with 10GB disk and control panel
  • $ 29.95/month for 512MB RAM with 10GB disk and management service and control panel
  • Hybrid VPS at four 89.95/month with 5GB RAM and 120GB disk

2. Dedicated server options

  • Single Processor options ranging from $ 79.95/month to $ 134.95/month
  • Dual Processor options ranging from $ 149.95/month to $ 249.95/month

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