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FatCow Web Hosting

When you first visit FatCow Web Hosting website, you may start wondering if this is indeed a website for a web hosting service. They offer state of the art hosting services at very nominal charges. In fact, they have a very robust solution for your website hosting needs. With this all in one system, you not only get web hosting services, but tools to create a great website and put it online. The dashboard is easy to control so that you have full control over your website.

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Green Hosting Services

While this may not be your first concern, you will be happy to know that FatCow’s data centres are powered by clean and efficient wind energy. So every time you do business with them, you can be sure that you are contributing your bit towards the environment, and can be proud of the fact that you chose an eco-friendly web hosting service.

Simple Tools for Building your Site

Whether you are a programmer or not, you can build a great website with the simple point and click site building tool. Your website can have the real professional look. You can also use a lot of different dynamic themes to get the exact effect you want. This tool is ideal for novices who do not know HTML coding. So you do not need to waste money getting a professional to design your site. You can do it yourself very quickly.

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Optimization for Google

The people at FatCow Web Hosting know how vital it is to optimise your website for Google – the most powerful and popular search engine. Your web hosting services come with the Google Webmaster tools which offer you detailed reports on the visibility of your pages on Google search engine.

Application Wizards

If you want to install applications to your website, you can use the application wizard that comes with your web hosting plan. This wizard offers you step by step instructions to install all the popular applications on your website. Whether it is a shopping cart, a chat feature or a photo gallery, the wizard will make installation wholly seamless and simple for you. You can use this wizard to install blog software or any open source application as well.

eCommerce Tools

FatCow Web Hosting offers an extensive range of applications and tools for you to set up your e-commerce website. The e-commerce tools include applications for creating catalogues, integration of third-party payment sites, distribution and announcement of coupons and sales and much more.

Customized Email

Along with space for hosting your website, you also get the ability to customise your email addresses so that they reflect your domain name. This will add a professional touch to your emails and your business. Additionally, once you switch over to webmail, you can access your official mail from any computer anywhere in the world. You will also be able to change its settings by accessing the dashboard.

Friendly Support

Support is an essential part of any user experience. FatCow Web Hosting has a crew of trained technicians to help you with all kinds of technical issues relating to your hosting services. All you have to do is to call the support line, any time of the day, any day of the week. FatCow offers 24X7 support services.

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