Dedicated Servers Australia Review

Good: You get 24/7 full-service bundle, 365 days a year. From server maintenance to administration and even troubleshooting, you can leave your worries to them. You get a 100% hardware guarantee with them and additionally, you also get regular technical updates.

Bad: There’s not much to critique here, except for the fact that they do not allow any physical access to their servers. You could visit the location but cannot be allowed physical control over the servers maintained by Dedicated Servers Australia, even if you have rented from them.

Verdict: If you have a large business and need dedicated servers for your websites and your online presence, this is a great place to get your hosting from. Dedicated Servers Australia takes dedicated web hosting to an entirely new level. Their unmatched technology, service delivery and security bundles put them in a completely different league. The no-contract dedicated hosting services start at $64 a month, which is reasonable considering the large range of services they provide.

Main Features

  1. No contract services
  2. 24/7/365 monitoring and hands-on servicing
  3. 100% uptime with money back guarantee if dissatisfied
  4. 10 TB transfers included in your plan
  5. 100 MBPS uplink services
  6. Hardware replacement guarantees in 1 hour of breakdown

dedicated servers australia plans

Dedicated Servers Australia has been in business long enough to know what the customers desire from them. For the last decade, the company has been steadily growing and has exceeded customer expectations to become a top web hosting provider in Australia.

They have built a loyal clientele owing to their excellent services and top of the line web hosting services that are cheap and reliable. Their collocation and VPS cloud hosting are especially considered great for businesses that are looking for reliability and flexibility.

On the technical side, you can pick the processor speed you want and customise other essential parameters such as primary and secondary hard drives, memory, bandwidth, operating system and the RAID controller. Patches and other updates are automatically installed on your computer, and daily data backups are done without fail.

An individual account manager will work with you from the time you decide to take up hosting with them to the time you decide to terminate your association if you ever decide to terminate at all. Till then, you shall experience world class service from a top web hosting company in Australia.

Their line of products is very reasonably priced. So in a minimal amount of money, you can get the best server technology available in Australia, with complete managed services in a secure, stable and threat-free environment. In a nutshell, you can depend on Dedicated Servers Australia for remarkable web hosting services.

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