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Best Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting, also known as Cloud Computing, was coined around 1950 when the mainframe computers came into use in academics and various corporations. Simplifying further, one can say that cloud hosting removes the limitations of a physical server’s power and space by replacing it with a virtual cluster of servers. By using cloud hosting, use of hardware becomes minimal and at times even invisible. Top 10 Cloud Hosting service providers make available cloud computing technology to the users.

Many are still in a fix about what does cloud hosting is all about? Everyone is well versed in the old and regular web hosting concepts but cloud hosting is still a hazy picture in everyone’s mind. Could Hosting is provided by linking numerous servers that encompass a cloud, in place of a solo server. Security and issues with full control of data are the most commonly cited issues with cloud hosting. Although there are major glitches with cloud hosting, the benefits can’t be ignored which includes:

  • Increased reliability and accessibility
  • Picture perfect scalability
  • Cost-effectiveness

Go through the list of top 10 cloud hosting service providers and make your decision today.

Why Think About Cloud Hosting?

One should go for the providers listed in Top 10 Cloud Hosting because of the reasons listed below.

  • Simplicity: The cloud server launches in within one minute thus reducing the uptime. It also avoids set-ups at every step thus making it much simpler for the esteemed users.
  • Affordable: In cloud hosting, the charges are made upon the use of the resources by the people. The hosting budget can be controlled to some extent by the user.
  • Reliable: Cloud Hosting is much more reliable than shared hosting because here the issues with one account do not spread to the other sites unlike in the case of same physical servers. This type of hosting isolates each server thus reducing the stress upon servers so that they don’t hamper with each other’s performance.
  • Customization: Cloud hosting lets you customise the server and add various useful gimmicks so that the server presents you the data in the best possible manner.
  • Security: Security is in terms of the hardware failure. As there is no visible hardware, therefore, the problem of hard crashing and system failure is out of sight and thus securing the data more effectively.

What points to keep in mind while choosing amongst top 10 cloud hosting?

The points listed below should be kept in mind for choosing from Top 10 Cloud Hosting service providers:

  • Price
  • Customer/Technical Support
  • Area of speciality
  • Features provided
  • User Interface

Above are the points to think of when you are selecting from the list of Top 10 Cloud Hosting service providers. It should be kept in mind that the concept of cloud hosting is new and it is gaining pace among its users day by day. It is an innovative way of web hosting. The popularity of the cloud hosting can be attributed to its use in marketing to sell hosting services. The service providers listed in Top 10 Cloud Hosting are the ones that have been listed based on various surveys, expert opinions and reviews of various websites.

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