Agents of Mayhem Review

Agents of Mayhem Review

Agents of Mayhem – Facing off the LEGION in Seoul


Agents of Mayhem truly lives up to its name and gives players a time filled with action that is quirky and unnatural. The game is filled with 30 hours of non-stop action, but some features do not bear much praise from players.

The game allows players to take advantage of a multitude of features, such as switching agents instantly, using assets quickly and getting more abilities to create mayhem. This is a third-person shooting game, which gives players control over a team of agents.

Publisher information

  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Platform(s): Microsoft, Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Release dates: August 15th, 2017 (North America), August 16th, 2017 (Australia), August 18th, 2017 (Europe)

Game Characters

The game has twelve agents and players have to choose any three to complete a mission. The agents come from various cities all over the world and comprise of four sets of trios.

  • The Bombshells – The team is comprised of a German football hooligan called Red Card, an Italian engineer called Joule, and an Indian immunologist named Rama.
  • The Franchise Force – This team is formed by a US Navy chief petty7 officer called Hardtack, a Canadian Actor called Face-of-Mayhem Hollywood, and a Colombian Sky Pirate called Fortune.
  • The Firing Squad – The team is made of a gang leader from America, Pierce Washington, also known as the Kingpin; an Assassin from the Middle East called Scheherazade, and a Japanese Hitman called Oni.
  • The Carnage a Trois – this is a team made of a Russian Cold Warrior, known as Oleg Kirlov, aka Yeti; An American field strategist called Braddock and an American Derby driver called Daisy.

Getting to know the abilities of each agent

Since the agents operate in trios and each has his or her capabilities, it is important that players get to know the abilities and weapons of each player correctly.

The agents use their skills in weapons, and each enemy downed will add to the pinots bar. When the bar is filled up, the player can use an agents mayhem abilities, which greatly enhance their powers in any combat situation.

The mayhem abilities of agents are also different, so players must familiarise themselves with these two. Players can switch between the three agents in any team depending on the ability they need for a particular situation. This is done through a teleportation device which is kind of interesting to use.

The Story behind Agents of Mayhem

Seoul, South Korea has turned into the hub of technology for the whole planet. There are enemy agents of an organisation called LEGION, who want to take over the city and control the world’s technology for their gain; the protagonist agents have to keep them at bay.

The game is quite chaotic and civilian Non-Playing Characters (NPCs) are always getting blown up in the ensuing fights. This is quite a heartrending aspect as the aim of the game should be to protect both the city and its civilians.

There is so much to do around the streets of the city, but these do not develop into a proper storyline. They just seem like things that players do, to fill the game with unconnected action sequences. There is no real purpose to the game, and this has drawn a lot of criticism from players.

The only missions that make sense are the stopping of some of Doomsday Devices left by the LEGION. The in-game map is filled with points that do not make much sense apart from the doomsday device missions. The LEGION bases to be attacked all seem similar, and the developers should have added more diversity to this aspect.

Quite a lot of monotony

The similarity of the bunkers is not all that seem monotonous in this game. The villains in the game are also similar, and one gets bored of facing the same enemy from one level to the next. There are only a couple of villains who had a different feel.

The whole game consists of characters who throw off subsequent waves of attacking minions, and victory comes when they run out of attackers to send. The predictable boss fight comes along, and you are done with yet another level. This gets old after a while.

On the Bright Side

The game offers players a lot of fun when fighting the minions thrown at the agents. The multi-character setting of the game also adds to the action, as players swap from one agent to the other, to use their unique talents. Each agent has specific skills and moves which add to the overall feeling of various actions, such as would happen when switching weapons in other games of this calibre.

There are so many items and resources to be unlocked. These add more skills to each of the agents, and this adds to the mayhem aspect of the game. Players who love melee scenes will find this aspect of the game very palatable.

Figuring out what powers are needed to defeat enemies in a particular situation guides players on which agents to use. Whether the situation calls for the Powder Keg or Cannonball abilities of Fortune, or her drone stun ability directs players on selecting her as the agent of choice.

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