A2 Hosting Review 2018

A2 Hosting Review

About A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the leading global web hosting service providers available today. It has its headquarters in the Michigan United States and extends its operations to other countries through its two other data centers located in both Asia and Europe.

On its founding, that is on 2001, A2 Hosting was named Iniquinet, by its founder Bryan Muthig and its current Chief Executive Officer.

During its 17 years of operation, and following its remarkable performance, A2 Hosting has won various awards. Some of these awards include fastest U.S web host 2015, 100% uptime award of 2015, editor’s choice business hosting, 2011 top 10 web hosting and Top 10 U.S Web Hosting.

A2 Hosting mainly participates in offering two set of services- hosting and domain. For hosting services, it offers services such as shared hosting, VPS  hosting, Reseller hosting, CRM hosting, Email Hosting, and WordPress Hosting.

On the other hand, A2 Hosting specializes in domains services such as registration, registration reviews, transfer and managing domains.

Other than these services, A2 Hosting offers all their uses an affiliate program. Through the program, any user can earn up to $140 for every new customer.  For instance, last year, its users earned over $250,000 through the program.

A2 Hosting has various helpful resources such as the knowledge base containing popular hosting guides and articles. Also, they have an all-time live technical support. Users can contact their support by submitting a ticket, phone calling, emailing or live chat.

Summing up, it offers several modes of payments to their users such as Skrill, Paypal, Mastercard, and Visa.

A2 Hosting is one of the leading web hosting service providers that comes with a different package of both good and bad aspects. Let’s have a detailed look at both its good and bad as a web hosting service provider.

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Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting


  • Excellent speed performance
  • Amazing global orientation
  • Anytime money back guarantee feature


  • Inconsistent and unfriendly pricing especially for constrained budgets
  • Limited disk space

What’s Good ABout A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting comes with a package of blessing, such as,

  1. Excellent Speed Performance

While most web hosting service providers seem to go low on their speed, A2 Hosting has one of its main priority to all its users as providing them an excellent speed performance.

For instance, it offers a server speed of up to 20 times faster for any type of sites that as a user you may want to run- whether or not you are an expert.

But how does A2 Hosting achieve such a speed performance? And how does it maintain and ensure all their user’s experiences this great encounter? It  uses and embraces two strategies, which are;

Turbo Server – A2 Hosting has a turbo server which offers a drop-in-Apache replacement. The replacement enables page loads of up to 20 times faster when compared to standard hosting. The Turbo servers are such fast due to some of their features such as

  • They have fewer users for each server
  • The servers use less memory and CPU than Apache
  • A2 Hosting turbo servers also offer enhanced stability
  • The servers handle connections more efficiently and at the same time faster
  • They are A2 Optimized being powered by both turbo cache and OP/APC cache.
  • The servers offer more resources for every user

Swift Servers – Other than the turbo servers, A2 Hosting has swift servers which offer every of their user an excellent site performance. Together with turbo servers, the swift servers mainly facilitate and maintain its fantastic Time To First Byte.

  1. Global Orientation

Here, A2 Hosting makes a great score by not only operating within a certain single location such as the United States market but also in other locations all over the globe.

It achieves such through its three data centers on different locations, which are in Michigan as its headquarters and the other two in Europe and Asia in Amsterdam and Singapore respectively.

Through these data centers, it has been effectively offering its services to websites and users all over the world. For instance, recent records indicate that it is currently offering its hosting services in around 30 countries.

Other than the data centers, A2 Hosting operates and offer service in various countries for it accepts payment for their services in and via several currencies and payment methods.

For instance, it accepts currencies such us both United States and Canadian dollar, Euro Pound and Indian Rupees. The user can make payment through methods such as PayPal, 2checkout and Skrill.

  1. Anytime Money Back Guarantee

As other web hosting providers offer you certain money back guarantee period, call it 30-45 days, A2 Hosting beats this with their money back guarantee feature. How? It provides anytime money back guarantee to all their users. Also, their money back guarantee is open for any kind of hosting service or payment method that any user had previously used.

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What’s Bad About A2 Hosting?

Just like other web hosting providers, A2 Hosting is not perfect. As such, it has several limitations which include;

  1. Inconsistent And Unfriendly Pricing For Small Budgets

A2 Hosting embraces an inconsistent pricing strategy for all its plans. Such is since it offers a big discount for their users for the first time when signing for any of the hosting plans.  For instance, it has three shared hosting plans which includes

  • Lite – starts at $3.92 rather not $7.99
  • Swift – which starts at $4.90 that was formerly $9.99
  • Turbo- which starts at $9.31 and rather not $18.99

Although these introductory prices are cheap and favoring, A2 Hosting takes a different lane for it renewal charges which are a bit higher. Such makes its pricing inconsistent and unfriendly, especially for the renewal charges.

  1. Limited Disk Space

Indeed, enough disk space is crucial for any hosting service, and for this, A2 Hosting has missed hitting the jackpot through providing limited disk space. For instance, for their shared hosting services, it offers the following disk space as per the three packages

  • Lite- has 4GB virtual disk space with 5GB physical space
  • Swift- has 8GB virtual space and 1GB physical space
  • Turbo- has 8GB virtual space with 2GB physical space

Despite such limited space, as their user, your computers disk space will only be affected but at a small level since most of the space taking up the virtual space other than the physical space. As such, limited disk space is a con but that intense.

A2 Hosting Promo & Coupon Codes

A2 Hosting, on their main site, has coupon codes for different services. For instance, they had a shared hosting and managed word press hosting coupon codes named SAVEFAST and WORDPRESS51 respectively. There are more and more such coupon codes on the A2 Hosting main site.

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Our Verdict

Despite A2 Hosting having limited disk space as well as inconsistent and unfriendly pricing for small budgets, it offers anytime money back guarantee. Also, it has a fantastic speed performance of up to 20 times faster not to forget its amazing global orientation.

Therefore, I might not recommend A2 Hosting for anyone encountering financial constraints. However, if you can save a few bucks and top up as per their pricing plans, then A2 Hosting ought to be your first choice due to their features- amazing speed, global orientation and money back guarantee feature.

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