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10 Facts why NetOrigin is the best web hosting provider in Australia

NetOrigin is being considered as one of the best hosting service providers in Australia according to statistics. Users have opined that there are at least 10 real facts that have added value-added user experience, which is the real reason behind the popularity of this service provider and its services.

The most significant 10 real-life advantages of NetOrigin hosting services are described here with outline details:

#1 – 100% Australian based support team:

NetOrigin maintains their 100% Australia-based support team for best and prompt customer service for all their clients. As a result, clients enjoy better satisfaction level from their hosting service provider. Local efficient support helps in maintaining better integration.

#2 – Free cPanel Migration from another host

If a client’s current web hosting provider uses cPanel, NetOrigin can migrate that existing site by doing an account transfer. Account transfers are provided for three types of accounts:

  • Sharing hosting accounts.
  • VPS managed accounts.
  • Flex Dedicated and managed server accounts.

This free service adds the better scale of flexibility for NetOrigin web hosting service users.

#3 – 24/7 Support

NetOrigin offers 24/7 online supports to all its clients.  This integrated feature helps all its users in enjoying uninterrupted service for their hosted websites.  Uninterrupted services are expected to yield better ROI for clients. NetOrigin technicians are well qualified and they are extremely responsive, who can solve hosting problems with quick turnaround time.

#4 – FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

To permit HTTPS on a website, clients need to acquire a certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA): Let’s Encrypt is a CA. NetOrigin offers Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate facility and the facility facilitates the web hosting service.

#5 – 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

On the ground of dissatisfaction, NetOrigin offers an exclusive business protection for all its clients. Clients may raise money back claim within 30 days of availing hosting service: no question will be asked and the claim will be duly entertained.

#6 – 99.9% Uptime Guarantee SLA

NetOrigin offers Service Level agreement (SLA) to all its clients for 99.9% uptime. It ensures better web exposure and better lead conversion opportunity for business websites. 99.99% uptime ensures better business productivity.

#7 – User-friendly control panel

NetOrigin offers the facility of a user-friendly control panel. The user will get excellent leverage of managing personal account and the website. The company offers great importance for user experience.

#8 – Unlimited Email Accounts

One of the best advantages of NetOrigin hosting is the facility of unlimited email accounts, which will help its clients in getting an email address, a quick email, with calends, address book, unlimited transfer to a domain, etc.

#9 – Super-Fast Servers with CloudFlare CDN + Railgun

NetOrigin hosting is empowered by an exclusive partnership with CloudFlare, this is a prime reason the hosting service provider can offer its clients Railgun technology to speed up the delivery of non-cached content along with usual static content. Once a website becomes a part of CloudFlare CDN, its web traffic gets routed via CloudFlare intelligent global network and gets excellent speed and invincible security.

#10 – Nightly Backups

NetOrigin runs their backend backup service at night when none of the clients operates their business activities. It’s entirely automatic. In fact, all clients may completely overlook the routine job. NetOrigin Standbys are encrypted for wide-ranging security, and that is a definite advantage for the clients availing hosting service from NetOrigin.

These are 10 best reasons that have rated NetOrigin web hosting as one of the best web hosting service providers in Australia. Besides all these technical reasons, budget price and sincere customer care support also play the vital role to raise the popularity of NetOrigin web hosting services.

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